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Locked just want an opinion

mini bodyguard

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Hey guys! no complaints here just wanted everyone's opinion. The video I pasted below is me knifing a zombie at a wall because I was bored! Now, we all know I'm capable of easily boosting a zombie by me simply standing in the doorway and knifing a zombie toward the humans right? right? WRONG! It's a troll! oh no! according to sticky. But hey! no complaints here! Just want an honest opinion from the ze community if what I did was in fact a troll! Because you know If I really wanted to I could have just simply knifed the zombie to them but nah was a dirty troll all along! damn. Heckin trollers.

Let me know your thoughts!!


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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Robbi, I understand you are upset at me for stopping you from abusing your donated admin and warning you about inflating, but if you are not going to add anything constructive/informative, please don't post in an abuse thread.


Christo, youve been kbanned twice in the last few days and then you try what looks like an attempt to knife a zombie thru the door to ruin the round, after being incredibly toxic for several maps, and begging for people to rtv.  My apologies, apparently I mistook all that as an attempt to troll the server, culminating in the knifing attempt.  Unbanned since you didnt actually succeed in your troll.


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