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Locked DJSpider-MaN spamming nword in chat and gags me for 60 minutes for insulting him with 2 words


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➥ April 10th, 11:05 GMT+3

➥ i joined the server and i found spiderman spamming nword in chat ALOT even spamming nword in voice commands, dolly told me that nword is allowed but not spamming it, i said something, and then he got mad, then i said yal3n abok (curse ur father)

and then he threatened to gag me, and then i said, u spammed the nword alot and u want to gag me for insulting u? u should gag urself

and then he gagged me for 60 minutes

i know im in the wrong for cursing his father but the problem is he gagged me, and he got away for spamming the nword to NIDE TV and in chat. i want him to face the consequences and i hope to get ungagged now.



➥ Proof: https://imgur.com/a/Aqm6NYy

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  • CS:S ZR Server Manager

Hello, I agree that he spammed torchlight way too much in this case, but spamming the "n-word" has no more emphasis, it's as bad any other spam. I will talk with him about the incident. Regarding your gag, it's justified since you should have not insulted him. However I decreased the length to 30 minutes.

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