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  • Server Admin

1. Your Name and Age. (Remember that you can only apply if you're 18+ )
- Old - Hello / Uncle - Hello / Hello. Just hit 36 :( 

2. Your Discord UserName: (aF! mohamed. #1906 for example)
- Hello4040#4704

3. STEAM_0 and which server you applying for ( ZE-CSS/CSGO or ZR-CSS ) :
- STEAM_0:1:33346818 | ZE-CSS

4. How long are you playing CSS ?
-  3,311 hours on CSS 

5. You will need minimun of 72h of connection time (3 days)    

- 6 days 05:30:42 hours

6. Needs a minimun of 1+ players and 3+ admins to get approved + Lead admins will have the final word.
- Got it

7. Why do you think we should take you into the team? What knowledge do you have, what is important for you ON a server or in the community?
- The nide server can be a fun place to be. I mainly play to alleviate stress and enjoy my 'offtime' during the night. The most important thing is to ensure the server maintains a healthy environment for players.  For this there needs to be a balance between enforcing rules and letting certain things slide. For example, a higher level of strictness is required during an event but not necessarily during regular times. I have found my self to be a regular on the server and think that I can help maintain a healthy server environment. 

8. Which experiences do you have about being an ADMIN and other things that can benefit us having you as an admin?
- I used to be an admin for the Hoots GG server a while ago for a couple of years until it was dissolved. I bring a calm head that can read the room and decipher situations which is important for any admin. I also believe that I have been able to generate some kinship with existing admins. 

9. Some details about yourself, what are you doing right now, how often do you think you'll play on the server?
- I reside in the DC area of the US. I am a much older CS player who plays CS when his kids are in bed 😃. I, of course, at my age have a full time job. I play every other night if not every night.

10. Here is a small question need to answer it , imagine if you are a new admin on the server and there is a player he is being specious to using Aimbot, And you need to deal with him how will you deal with that? Write your answer  in full details more detailed answer mean better answer , new admin applications should consider this question .  
- The best way to go about this is to get a consensus. You can directly ask the person, observe their gameplay, record their demo, and share it with other admins. The suspect can be banned for a short period while the demo is being reviewed by a few other admins (if I lean towards them being a cheater rather than not). If no evidence is found, their temporary ban can be removed. Otherwise, they can be permanently banned. 

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  • Management

Well written however do not ever permaban someone for cheating a least on our community 😕 otherwise I wish you good luck on the application and I will give you a +1

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  • Event Manager

I don't have much experience with you since you play during NA hours and for that reason i will remain Neutral.

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  • Donator

very active, very chill, very friendly, very puerto rican. I think you deserve admin, is not hard... :v

Jokes aside, i think you got what an admin needs, good communication and mature :VVV, you will learn easily and it will be really good to have you since you have been really active lately.

+1 , Good Luck!

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