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Locked A report against UZGANG


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1: Gl1tch'

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4: Zombie Escape


6:  8.1.2020 somewhere around 22:30

7: This  SMS admin started insulting me without a reason telling me to shut my mouth while i've never said a word I was focused on the boss and all of a sudden that guy told me to shut the f*ck up. I asked him why is he saying that and then he gagged me for 30 minutes reason : disrespecting admins. Alright first i couldn't believe what happened but okay I got over it... alright the game continues and not more than 10 minutes passed since i was muted and he again trynna start beef but this time while i'm gagged this is what he typed : https://imgur.com/a/3KUxYP1 . Let's not mention that he muted me without a reason he just picked on me... I tried to deffend myself and got gagged for it. Seriously fix ur paid admins this guy is just awful  not to mention that he doesn't know english but he also abused 30 more times with other people. That's it from me I hope that the Global Admins can do something about it man...

8: Unfortenately I cannot find the demo for some reason but there are people who CAN confirm that this actually happened.

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  • CS:S ZE Server Manager

hello @Gl1tch'

i watched the demo + chat and this gag isn't justified at all.

UZGANG, i would suggest you to use admins powers properly because actually i feel like you use it likes you are the God of the server; Don't forget one thing: if u take the responsability to be admin on the server,  u must be fair with everyone + u can't mute/gag/kick/ban a player because you Don't like him; Because, there was absolutly no reason to gag Gl1tch in this situation.

i hope this report + my answer will help you, also, i suggest you to read https://nide.gg/forums/forum/48-admin-guidelines/. i  you have some questions about commands/rules the whole team is at your disposal.

thx For the report.

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