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Locked appeal


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  1. ➥ Your own ingame name; zeo

  2. ➥ Your own Steam-ID;  STEAM_0:0:187604830 
  3. ➥ Name of the admin(s) involved; idk
  4. ➥ Steam-ID of the admin(s) involved; idk
  5. ➥ What server did it happen; nide
  6. ➥ What map did it happen; mako
  7. ➥ Time and date; may 31 mako time
  8. ➥ Explain the situation; i got ulti but didnt want it. o also i definitely killed every1 with erf: 



  9. ➥ Proof;  


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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Hello zeo,

I’m not sure what the exact point of this appeal is, because I’m seeing a much different story than what you’ve stated.

In your first video, we can see you taking Ultima, then shortly throwing it over to the ground, which somebody else then managed to fling off the map. As the first person to take Ultima, it was your responsibility to use it and you didn’t bother doing so.

Moving on to your second video, you had Earth on you after the lasers and then proceeded to do the classic Mako troll that is using Earth on the wall to prevent other CTs from winning the round.

To conclude, all I can see from these videos is proof of you trolling with items and having no intention to play the game properly.

You’ve already been issued an eban for a month. Next time, please exercise more care with your items.

Topic locked

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