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Locked K.o.N's Trial Admin Application


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Hi, my name is Kon, and I'd like to apply for a trial admin position in NiDE(Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:127428694)

I have played CSS for somewhere over 4 years, 90% of which is spent on Zombie Escape, and I'm applying for a trial admin position in NiDE as a logistics supporter: completing simple tasks with the power and responsibility of a regular admin.

I believe one of the important elements to our zombie escape server (or the NiDE community, as a whole) that is endlessly attracting more and more new players, is accomodating to them and providing support whenever needed.  We all have been there as the new guys, the rookies, more often than not scared to learn and experience new things in games due to a number of veterans and the old-timers creating a (not necessarily) hostile and unfriendly environment and (in-)directly discouraging us. There is always a toxic part in any gaming community, but that is not a legitimate reason to discriminate all toxic newbs and the "fresh meat" good guys alike. And what I strongly think can contribute to our community is welcoming them with open arms, providing foothold to them with general ZE knowledge like maps and items usage, and as time goes by, help them become a part of a community they'd known and loved.

I have very limited experience to being an admin however, with a trial adminship on NIDE for approximately 3 months and only 2 months on an old CS 1.6 server. (Long story short: the admins were.. not very supportive and I had to self-teach, then the server shut down shortly after..) But I'm willing to learn and gain experience along the way.

As for some details about me, I am currently a uni student (12 hours a week during courses, and about 10 hours per week during internships) which give me a lot of free time to solve any server issues that might occur, as long as I'm not outside hanging out with the weeb homies or just cooped up at home studying.

And to answer the question about a suspicious Aimbotter: the simplest, most straight-forward solution is to spectate the player for unusual behaviors, mostly from movement. Instances of this are looking at strange corners (or just on the ground like common CSGO aimbotters)  and weird pausings as if tweaking the aimbot. But of course, careful judgement based on the players' skill level and key communication before jumping to conclusions is incredibly essential.

Looking forward to provide even more love and support to our "dead gamemode" community,

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Hey mate, I happy to plus 1 you. You are a solid happy guy who is open to suggestions.


My only request would be that you attempt to get your bearings before you dive into situations. The talk with hamo being the most obvious one. You stated you jumped in there without thinking, which is great but sometimes situations need a little more patience to figure themselves out. 



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