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Locked EN CHAIR ET EN SHIT Application

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2: SERVER : Zombie Escape Server
3: EXPERIENCE : Admin on NIDE ze_escape (1,2,3,4,5,6) Ban/kick/vote...
4: Reasons for applying : Hello all, hello @Klixus, i am 23 years old and i was admin on nide from maybe 4 month. I'am really active on the nide forum, and i like to help my community. I have a good experience in ze servers, so i have win a lot of map. Maybe i have 3 years or more experience in Ze. I was admin too so it's not a new things for me, i know the most of rules and apply them. Personnally, i never give up projects, so i will never give up Nide. Finally, i am a person who help team. Finally, i have a microphone that i use lot of time. And i speak several languages which can be useful for the communty. (English, arabic, french, little spanish.)
5: About me : To talk about me quickly, I think a lot of people liked me as an administrator in the old Nide server. Well, I had some enemies like any administrator, but I was doing pretty well. I would like to administer NIDE community again which for me remains the best.
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Dear En chair,

We could not consider your application for several reasons.

But we still wish you a lot of fun on our server and always stay positive, maybe it will be better next time.

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