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Locked [ADMIN] Application


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Q1: My Name is Alaa  | My Age is 18
Q2: My SteamID: STEAM_1:0:450656383
Q3: I played this game 6 years
Q4: Always connected and I want to help the server and also i spend my time on this game and also  i worked in another server as a admin and I have experience in this field and also I will be respectfully With People and I want to join because I want other people to play and have fun without any problem
Q5: i know how to use admin commands, and i Know what all the commands do.
Q6: I live in Jordan and I am a college student.I will be active 3-5 Hours.
Q7: if he using a Aimbot i will ban him Without Any Word, And if he is not Using aimbot  That's Good, And if he suspected for using Hacks I will  Watch him 
[I want To join Zombie Escape Server]

Thanks For Reading My Admin Applicaiton


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Short Application
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  • Server Admin

Haven't seen you in the server yet and i think your english is not that good, which is clearly needed to communicate with each other.

You could also have put more effort in the application, i think it's too short...

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Very little time in the server, and I agree with Batata: your English skill is rather poor. Application is quite short, too.


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  • Server Admin
3 hours ago, IBerlin_ said:

Bro 5 Hours i will play in the server wtf?


her it shows that you have 1:39 hr connection time which is quite low 

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