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Event #51 - Where have i seen this before...?

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Zombie Escape Event #51

Part 1: 13/03/2020 - 5 pm GMT+0

Part 2: 15/03/2020 - 3 pm GMT+0

Where have i seen this before...?

The places where BOTs love to hang out...

The cyber world...

The mythical bridge where many adventurers fall!
The ZM map that everyone knows!!!
The epic race in the grass!!!!!!!!

Going down in the pipes to reach the... CORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will sure wonder... Where have i seen this before?!?!


 Up to 15 Days of VIP to winners!

Event information:

  • We will play the following map(s):
  • Part 1 (13/03/2020):
    • ze_mixture_3de_v1f2 (which you can download manually here)
    • ze_standart_map_final_fix2 (which you can download manually here)
    • ze_boredom_v543656 (which you can download manually here)

Special information: Rebuys and nades restricted in mixture and pistols and knife only in standart. Skipping stage 1 in boredom.

  • Part 2 (15/03/2020):
    • ze_ccc_floator_mislands_v2s (which you can download manually here)
    • ze_derpescape_itstime (which you can download manually here)


  • Time of the event: 13/03/2020 at 5 pm GMT+0 and 15/03/2020 at 3 pm GMT+0
  • Special rules:  Normal rules will apply during the event. However, rules will be enforced strictly in some maps (specially those in Sunday). Spam in the microphone and trolling will not be allowed and will be punished directly, without a warning.
  • Leader: Any willing one.
  • Rewards: Up to 15 days of VIP to winners, considered this way: 
  • Winning mixture (1 stage) gives you 1 day of VIP.
  • Winning standart (1 stage) gives you 1 day of VIP.
  • Winning last stage of boredom (4 stages) gives you 2 days of VIP.
  • Winning ccc float mislands (1 stage) gives you 5 days VIP.
  • Winning each stage of derpescape (3 stages) gives you 2 days of VIP.

Connect information:

  • Server:  Zombie Escape
  • IP:
  • Steam event link: NiDE Steam Group

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Where is ze_wanderers event ??😪

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4 hours ago, DeMoN said:

Where is ze_wanderers event ??😪

this is nide, laser maps are barely allowed

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Winners of Part 1 have been rewarded

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Winners of Part 2 have been rewarded!

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    • I said paypal isn't available in my country go check google. And I supposed to play regularly on old NiDE but for some reason I took a break due to exams.And don't interfere in something you can't understand. I want to be an admin not for some trolling and sh*tty stuff.Just to help the community. Read the application carefully.And mature and even I have more experience in Zombie Escape Servers. Want to check my server ask me for IP. Come and check yourself. And also I am buying CSS this month. And about comment and my name, please go and check your name bitch is written. I haven't written an abuse in my name.Everyone abuse so just keep quiet and let the head admins and managers deal with the application.
    • - 1
      First I said neutral ... Then I would say - 1 for t he reasons Anwar said + the comment on the event 63 show a lack of maturity (my point of view)...
      I guess  you should play more, get steam, stop lying (maybe remove lie in your name may be a good start).
      But good luck ! 
    • I gave an application on unloze and yes I wrote my age 13 but It wasn't my real age. And I am also a member on Gfl you can visit if you wish. And why I didn't buy admin during pivo era and CSS on steam? Because Paypal isn't available in my country. And as mentioned above I had to take a break because of my exams.And about server I can give you a proof. You remember BotoX I have his plugins.(Compiled)
    • hey , i remember you from old nide during Pivo era , i also remember you were also active in the server playing some FF maps like feywood ,wester ...etc , also  i remember you were writing  some reports against Pivo's unfair punishments as well , i havent seen bad things from you but i am curious about some stuffs :

      1 - your connection time is quite low tbh to recruit you as an admin.

      2 -  since you were having personal server with budget and players why you still no steamer/ playing in no steam client ? 

      3 - i remember you wrote an application  in Unloze community forum in at 2018 year but that time you claimed your age was 13 , so according to that you should be around 15  not 24 ?