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Locked banned for hyper scroll


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hello so i just got banned for hyper scroll well first i have no f*cking idea what that is second i would like to be unbanned third wtf was that i was playing in my favorite map and got banned 1 day for hyper scroll well how i said idk what the f*ck that is so can you unban admin or server manager ANWAR  thank you and unban me now or else joe mama will come to your house and kiss your feet ugly feet

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  • Server Admin

your unban appeal clearly not following the template , you didnt involve your steam id neither map name or time .

you probably using a mouse macro or a script  , when you scrolling it doesnt stop scrolling and that gives you perfect jumps , i have kicked you before banning and you got detected again .
side note : try to be more mature when you making a topic 
your unban appeal must following the unban template 

 anyway topic closed .

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