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  • Ingame Nickname:_95
  • Discord username: Carrefour à sens giratoire.
  • Age: 26
  • SteamIDSTEAM_0:0:18626487
  • What server are you applying for (ZR or ZE server?): ze

Optional: (Feel free to answer one or more questions)

Why are you interested in applying for admin?

I started playing Css ze again after  several years on csgo. Upon spending about 1050 hours on nide, it has become clear that theres a general lack of quality in the admin team, but also there's a lot of toxic trolling behaviour on the server, which mainly originates from toxic teenagers. I know that's were all here to have fun and enjoy the gamemode together, but there's a line between "fun". Once that line is crossed, it's just ruins the experience for other players (Knifing, item trolling etc). 

Im very chill guy, I have exemplary behavior on the server, I think I could be a very good element for nide.

What time zone are you active in (NA or EU hours)?

I would mainly be able to moderate during EU hours. In some occasion, i am also playing on NA hour.

How long have you been playing on the server which you applied for?

Around 1050 hours played on NiDe css ze, but i've also played, when the server was called Supreme Elite back then.

How experienced are you in the gamemode for which you applied?

I'm an old Cs 1.6 player having played ever since the gamemode Zombie Mod (Zm) got released back in 2005. Later on on csgo and now in css.

Do you have any past admin experience? not on CS
Do you have any other skills like (Mapping, Plugins, Drawing, Video editing etc) ?  no

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