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Locked life is a bitch

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1: My ingame name: eden hazard
2: My SteamID:  STEAM_0:1:433600551
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: life is a bitch
4: What server did it happen on: ze
5: Map: doorhug and solo
6: Time and date: today 15h20
7: Explanation of the situation: paranoid was on cooldown yet life decided to use his rcon access in order to force insert it without even making a vote first which is imo a massive abuse.

Some player told me that he made a vote for paranoid on bbo which was a couple of hours ago so i dont get why would he insert it 2 maps later especially when the server is actually dead.

8: Proof: demo of doorhug and solo, server-tracker and :

[NE] Console has inserted ze_paranoid_rezurrection_v11_9 into nominations

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Posted (edited)

I dont see the issue here. The majority of the server wanted it, and looked forward to it. If he had inserted mako reactor you wouldn't be complaining. Just because he inserted a map that you dislike, you went ahead to complain.

Edit: Why are you so salty and toxic? You're 15 years old, with serious issues in the real world, i would recommend you to leave the game behind for a bit, and get track of your life instead of spending your time inproductive by witch hunting people


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  • Developer

I will take care of this report, made by someone who is acting most of the time to ruin the game on it.
Be carefull, their is no more tolerance for you on NiDE saber, any punishement already starting at 1 month for you.
Stop acting like a monkey if you want to keep be able to play here.

I talked with Life, and we both agree we do not care about your report.

Case close.
Have a nice day, regards.

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