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My Experience on Nide


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So Hey Salam All.My respects for all of you there whoever reading this and to those who are absent.
I'm a Newbie who plays on Zombie escape going around with the name as AbNer the N in Ab..er is for Nigga Im sorry just trying to be funny. Just joined you all two months back and cant leave .It's a beautiful server with knowledge and lots of fun.The server has a charmI'm having a lot of fun here ..Thank you all..
My only request is to try to fill the server and I've only a suggestion that what If the exend limit gets decreased as most of the players leave for playing the same map for good Thank you all..


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Hello AbNer,

Thanks for your concern about the server's population, I'm glad we have such feedbacks.

We won't change our extend's system for now, but we'll keep this in mind.


Have a nice day and sorry for the late answer.

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Happy to hear you have been enjoying your time at Nide.

If you need any help ,please dont hesitate to message me or any of the staff members.

Please continue to enjoy your stay!


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