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Locked Glory’s admin application.

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1. GLORY , 22

2. STEAM_0:0:179413664

3. Started to play css long time ago, but for zombie escape i started on 2014

4. I started to play on nide more than the other servers, now i really do care how this server goes and how players play there and to make ensure they have fun without any irritating from whatever is not following the server rules.

5. I have been an admin in several servers, nide is one of them. bought a donated admin status and yes, i know how to manage the access and im willing to know more from you.

6. I play daily 8-10 hours on Nide. Its the vacation for me so. After 2 months or something close to that ill be playing on Thursday and Friday due to last year of military college.

7. If someone is suspected for using aimbot. trust me ill be happy to investigate about it. i really love wiping out players that ruin the game. I will spectate the player and look at his aim motion. ill figure it out like that. then ill check sourcebans for previous bans to give him the ban length he deserve. 

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1 hour ago, Winchester said:

+1 Good guy.But you not gived 20$ for microphone ?

told you its on your paypal but u never open ur paypal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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