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Locked Yumica's Application

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1: Yumica/Iszunia
2: Zombie Escape
3: I have had my own server for a few weeks back in 2014 (peaked at 32/32,) with someone named OneDerp, however I didn't have the time nor motivation to keep it running.
I have also been admins on a few scandinavian ze servers back in early 2014.
4: I want to try and help NiDE. I also feel like I'm one of the only people on NiDE that doesn't have the mindset of a 12 year old.
5: Other things that we might need to know about you, i'm familiar with a lot of the old players that tends to troll and spread "cancer," meaning I can snitch or even prevent it :squirtheh:
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Dear Yumica  me and  Batat decided we would like to see how you are as an admin on the server.

You are accepted for being an Trial Admin.

Show us that you can be a good recruit!

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