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Greetings ! MY dear brothers and sisters( I know only one RAI ) don't get mad Killik. Ok Sorry.

We are like a Family..The time that we are spending with eachother will end some day, we are making memories....What I meant here is that we all joke or play or even tease sometime but I know that none of the player here has any bad intention at all..A little fun is always accepted. I'm sorry if I ever broke heart of anybody..I'm little witty, forgive me.
             NIDE is the best community I ever came across..I'm happy to find you guys..I'm not trying to be Morgan Freeman or some kind of inspiration at all..
                       It's my way of expressing respect and love..
                        Thank You.
By the way, all of you try to vote for maps as I've seen that if 40 players are playing only 15 out of them take part in voting..that sometimes ruins the nextmap.

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