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Locked XXDeMon abuse and insult


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3-name of abuser, XXDeMon

4-Zombie Escape NiDE server

5- Map- ze_ffvii_mako_reactor, 11:40 AM(albanian time) date 23.6.2020

6-When he joined Server, i typed !sm de(self-mute) then he kicked me(no-reason)

then i joined and i asked who did that and no answer, then i got kicked again, but with 1 ununderstable reason, the reason is EOD (cant understand this)

then i joined again and got kicked for third time and reason was : "Ready EOD"

after i joined, my name was BiggestRetard, and i told him to rename me to Luffy then hi renamed me

after that he told me that i am kiddo, and i am just a nothing on NiDE.

7- i dont know how to link the proof, i am sorry, but belive me.

Edited by Luffy
i forgot date and map
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1 minute ago, DeMoN said:


i dont care about ur thoughts, BMS trolled me

I couldnt even get screenshot, i didnt thought it was getting big


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