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Locked admin abuse


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 Your own ingame name chet
2: Your own steam-ID   STEAM_0:0:10986654
3: Name of the admin(s) involved not sure but there were 3 admins and the command didn't show

name of the 3 admins: lighting strike, plex,lolsito
4: What server did it happen on ze
5: What map: ze_westerstand v8
6: Time and date around 3:15 am gmt+3 saturday 27june
7: Explain the situation: so we win westersand v8 godmod witch should mean the end of the map

admin decied to change to godmod+insane without vote then decied to extend for 1 last round also without vote
8: Proof


i think nide tv was on not sure

anyway why they didn't make vote for extend+chaning mod? because i am still muted/gag i can't ask them that but they should made vote regardless or wat

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Hey there, I admit it was me who did 1 more round extend. I also set insane next round since we had time for a few more rounds, I have nothing to say regarding change to god mode. (Since it wasnt me)

Now for the extend: Again I have not much to say, in the server its been a long since we beaten insane, so I decided to extend 1 more round so we can have a chance. But I see that it was a better idea not to extend and just let it change to nextmap, or atleast make a vote. I will remember for next time to not repeat this again. Thanks for the report.

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  • CS:S ZE Server Manager

Hello @chet

i talked with Lighting and he apologize about this extend.

since this map is not played that often due to a high CD i can understand that you guys want to beat it but yeah, you right, at least, make a vote to let players decide if they want to play one more round.

regarding about extending a map, we have precise rules, it’s true, but an admin must also know to listen the players (within the limits of the reasonable) and why not, on some maps that are difficult/not played that often/appreciated by players/ with a high CD make a vote to extend only if the map is not beaten.

thx for you report.

i let this topic open for 2 hours if u want to share your opinion about that, others players are also free to reply if they want.



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yeb simple really make vote to extend and since we already beat it no need to 

i couldn't ask him that since i am muted so that why i made the report

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1 hour ago, Akadir said:

this report is made for a extending of a map ?  

its really simple

admins didn't follow the guides/rules 

so i reported them

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