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Locked player "dailey" using offensive words and being racist

Daddy le toxic

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so I got punished by an admin called p1 lover for being racist, apparently and batata backed this admin up and said that I deserve the gag with no argument to back it up what so ever clearly acting biased and in an immature way and the admin got away with it because we all know that nide got incompetent staff unless its lardy or anwar any way going to report this player called daily for being racist and offensive hope you act in a mature way here @Batata  here is proof you can read all his messages here I asked in mic if you can punish him and you did nothing btw


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P 1over is one ni**er retard.. dirty cop.

Spasstata is childish and dumb as f*ck. He just do what he want, instead of listen to players. And this is reality. I hope he take action on me again to show an immature management. 

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