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Locked fierceg admin abuse


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1: Your own ingame name nigg‎er
2: Your own steam-ID idk
3: Name of the admin(s) involved fierce, bms, low all the admin bystanders
4: What server did it happen on ze
5: What map mako
6: Time and date just now
7: Explain the situation  With the recent shooting of Jacob Blake I can't help but feel this banning was racially motivated and I can see many parallels to it, a black man being punished harshly for something a white man would've gotten away by a white person

Tommy did nothing more extreme than what a white player (christo) had done earlier, yet he got a 1 hour ban and it was his first offence too, Why? Racism, FierceG is a racist admin who hates black people, to right this injustice Tommy should be unbanned, given reparations (free vip) and FierceG should be discharged from his post (demoted)
8: Proof It's not my job to educate you

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It was not a big Abuse, Zet and Tommy were insulting the normal players and admins.

He was provocating fierceG really bad, already talked with FierceG, about how to handle with these types of players in future. 


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