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Locked admin Report

Escape-Cro| Tom

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First of all very informative report. There is a template you should use to write your report.

Second: You keep score glitching on the map ze_surf_danger which is pointless anyway and we dont really care about that. But if u do u keep getting teleported with the zombies. You do this every round.  So instead of you getting teleported with the zombies we bring you so you dont die. If we dont bring you and die to the zombies everytime its called inflating which can result into a ban.

Also inflating isnt fun to players who are actually trying to beat the map whilst you only care about the useless points on the map.

So with lowparty and me bringing you, you get off easy.

So my question is to you. Do you rather have 400 points and a ban or just play the map and have some fun?

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