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hello freinds  i decide to  Introduce my self for The first time to people who still don't know me well!  I am a friendly person who likes to spend  hours  playing computer   ! My Real name is [Mohamed Agdid] my age is 20 Next month is my birthday and my i  Height is : 6′ 1″    '84 weight  im from marocco i dont have alot of freinds i love being lonely i started playing counter strike since  2017 because  i spend 10 years in [Grand theft auto San andreas] i didnt know that there's  beautiful games  like this game since MM Server is died then i decide to find another game that i will have fun like this one and i  loved the year that i find this game  ! and thanks to @Rex  who bought me this game in steam!!! and  i dont stude anymore i left school since 2014 for being hate it so much then i decide to work with my father  its actually hard job not easy to make money in it  im trying to find new freinds and new games because no games no life

And MMGatott is my brother hes real name is Brahim 18 years old

i filmed this video once with my father he's in the back as you can see in this video


also one of MM's videos



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