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[CSS ZE] Why do admins force RTV when they don't like a map?

korv med brod

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I've been playing for a while and I've noticed a pattern where admins seem to force a RTV whenever they're unhappy with a map. Either they will keep saying "rtv guys" in mic until everyone have rtv'ed or they will (which is what I have the biggest problem with) create a poll to ask if people want to change to a specific map. Why? This happends to almost all the maps I enjoy playing, and my maps aren't played very often since all the final fantasy maps are always extended like 5 times while my maps are usually just played once or twice, this means that as soon as a final fantasy maps start I just quit because they'll keep re-playing the same map for 2 hours

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  • Server Admin

On which map it happened?

There are times where the population drops dramatically during the map (like 20 or less players ingame) and if the population keeps stable at that number, which is low, admins are allowed to forcertv to another map, so the population can go up again.

It could also be the case that if the number is low, but not that low, you will still need a lot of players for that specific map. For example, we played ze_valkgang yesterday, which is a map we need a lot of players online, since zombies can come from multiple places and we need to hold all those sides, but we only had 20 players, so i encouraged people to rtv.

But i don't know what was the case here, so try to be more specific with maps/people that were involved, so we can decide what to do (specially with maps, so we can decide whether to increase number of players to nominate the map, change the cooldown of the map if it's a server killer, play that map on an event, etc)

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Yea, no, the population did definetly not drop, was almost full (which the server almost always is when this map is played), it's ze_guranatuna or something like that, the one where you go through sorronto and rooftop and such, they are more or less solo maps too which wouldn't require that many players (like final fantasy maps are) 

Basically every time this map gets selected the admins are always very hostile, an example was yesterday when there was like 2-3 CT's left camping on sorronto roof, instead of slaying (as they usually do on final fantasy maps when there is no way of winning) the admin just said "sh*t map just rtv instead", basically making the experience worse just so that the map changes. I haven't recorded or taken any screenshots of anything since I'm not sure if it's actually against the rules, I'm just asking why this is a thing (I understand why a player might be discouraging maps but when an admin does it feels like they have more of an "authority" and makes more people listen to them)

Also, lets say maybe the server WAS dying without me noticing (even though I didn't notice any sort of difference from previous maps), why would the admins say "BaD MaP lEtS cHanGe" when creating their vote instead of like "the server is dying, gotta swap maps", because I feel like this is just a case of them not liking to play on the map and will do anything to make it changed

This is my favourite map and I nominate it every time I play and I always get super upset when I've been nominating it for 2-3 hours just waiting for it to be picked and then immediatly get this from the server admins

TLDR: That's all, I would have understanding if it kills the server, but it really doesn't.

By the way I don't remember which admin did that "vote" thing but yesterday Wicked was the one who didn't slay and just said "sh*t MaP JuST RTv"

EDIT: Just wanna note that, sure, yesterday the map never got rtv'ed fully but got played, but the map after literally made the server die, it said "waiting for 10 players" for like 5 minutes and the admins just said "just wait we'll get more soon", and if they change maps when server die, then it doesn't really make sense why they wouldn't change this time

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