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Free VIP/Admin/Skin


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Hello, since Bolol has gone for some reasons i will keep alive his concept with free VIP 1 month by guessing a number. 

You can participate either as no-steam or steam.

Obviously it will be for all servers, ZR/ZE. This time it will be a bit different, the first month will be as reward 1 month VIP or 1 month Donated Admin ( only with people that i think will be able to show their capacity in being responsible and want to learn how to be an admin on NiDE, and don't think you can trick me i play on both servers, so if you are a known troller obviously the Donated Admin reward won't be able for you ).

So about Personal Skins, if i notice that this thread is alive and people likes it the first month, the second one, the winner will be able to choose a Skin. 

Hope you guys will appreciate it but i think you will since it's free and who doesn't like free things =D.

So we will start with a number between 1 - 75.

You can check which numbers has been already given below this topic.

We are at the moment the 16th november, the first reward will be given the 16th december. ( If it's VIP as reward i will buy it for the winner after the New Year's free VIP month )

Good Luck !

EDIT : if people choose a same number and by luck it's the good one, both will be rewarded.



The winner of the 1st month : @AzN 


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