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Locked Wicked Creepy Report


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1: NoRisk
2: STEAM_0:1:530348055
3: Wicked Creepy
4: Nide ze
5: Westersand and Ridorana
6: 25.11.2020
7: 1440 min gag by wicked: After Wicked called himself worse then Pivo once i called him pivo 3 or 4 times on server and got muted for 1440 min reason toxic

1440 min mute by Creepy ( Wicked was about to mute me the same amount, Creepy was just faster ) : So after my gag i was just chillin on Ridorana and then Rocklee joined and started talkiing with me. I said him in voice chat that im gagged so he did the crying sound "waah" out of joke. Then i did the same one time and just said "wah". After this i called Wicked by his name and just said "Wah" one time. He dared me to say it again so i wanted to say it again but while opening my mic i decided for myself that i would be dumb now and stopped using my mic before saying it ( u will see this in the video below ) so i just opend my mic a second time for 1 sec and instantly got muted for 1440 min by creepy reason toxic again

1400 Min Ban: So while i was playing on rido and setting up the video of my mute as evidence i went afk in the middle of round ( just tabbed out of my screen and stood still ingame) after like 1 or 2 min where i tabbed in back i was a zombie and only 18 humans were left while there were already over 20 zombies. I started moving around aggain and then got banned for inflating by wicked.
8: Proof
https://youtu.be/IcipNQKYX04  : my mute ( raw 5 min footage of shadowplay ) skip to min 4 there it started

https://youtu.be/1n4HuKJb2ks  :  my ban

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Welcome to forums my little crybaby's.

Plex and Norisk. They join server and obviously started to provoke me because we had some sh*t talk on discord yesterday.
Btw they do it on discord general chat and on nide chat every time not for me only but for all people they don't like. They talk sh*t together about normal players who just play the map. So it happens every time when they join server. Most often from them is joining server and start to talk sh*t about admins who just trying to control the game and some of them like Creepy, for example, doing some little mistakes. So i didn't see even 1 time when they joined server and just play normal u know like all players. They join and start some sh*t whatever it is: trash talk, trolling etc. So thats why i legit gaged them 1 day because they do it every time.

They even said that they entertain themselves doing this sh*t.

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