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Locked colonelkernel - ban appeal


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First ban (30 min)

Player: Colonel Kernel

Admin: Life is a Bitch

Reason: knife


Second ban (1 wk)

Reason: ban avoiding


We were playing cosmo canyon last night and everything seemed normal to me, but then I was banned for 30minutes for reason "knife". Are you not allowed to use the knife? What am I missing here? I don't know what rule I violated that had to do with knives but I waited for 30 minutes and I was still banned. I looked on bans.nide.gg to find my ban and it was extended for a week for "ban evasion". I did no such thing and I dont know how I could have done that either. I tried to join a few times after the first ban message to see if it was a mistake but I couldnt join. Someone please explain what the "knife" rule is so I can avoid doing whatever it is in the future and revoke the second ban for a week, please

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  • CS:S ZE Lead Server Admin

Hello Colonel Kernel.

On Cosmo, I checked again the demo, you knifed a zombie who killed all the humans.
When you knife as human in the back as you did it, you pushed zombie in front and ruin the entire round (everyone has been killed).
It was your first ban so according to the rules
Boosting zombies towards humans - Ban [30 min] 
For the 1 week it has been canceled and it was a mistake.
I apologize for that (and fact that you might have not been able to play 1 day) and thank you for your understanding !!

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