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Locked Akadir abuse (new topic because it got closed without letting me explain)


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1: Your own ingame name Creepy
2: Your own steam-ID no need
3: Name of the admin(s) involved Akadir
4: What server did it happen on Nide 
5: What map dev
6: Time and date 17:30 27/01/2021
7: Explain the situation we play dev first stage, its about to finish like 5 more second before last door closes so I decided to run into zm and stand in corner and this kiddo ban me for 60 min without warning and for nothing basically, I wasnt even tryharding after I get infected although it would do sh*t. This kiddo play on server once 4 month, come only for sh*t maps and you guys let him stay admin. Do something about it and I hope getting some compensation because this sh*t happened on event. And he ignored my friend loveless when he get questioned. It's not about Akadir but about situation that happened. I knifed zombie not forward but away, not last room. I'm also gonna add that ban wasnt really deserved, let's say same thing happen to you or other admin, he run to zm knife away and get infected, humans still win and he didnt tryhard, would you still ban? Or maybe leave it
8: Proof logs and demo 

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