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Locked Not sure if admin abuse, but excessive vote spams by admin "jason voorhees" and "idk"


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1: Your own ingame name: Allah
2: Your own steam-ID: 76561198065705742
3: Name of the admin(s) involved: "jason voorhees", "idk" (thats what it says as to who initiated the vote when the vote started and it was the other guy, i dont know if its a real admin's name or what, please check logs)
4: What server did it happen on: Nide Zombie Escape
5: What map: Random_v10
6: Time and date: 12:30 - 12:50 UTC Tuesday, 09 February 2021 (just about 5 mins ago the map ended)
7: Explain the situation: the admins above kept on creating stupid votes for the entire time of the map being played. im not even gonna say what the votes were about because there were at least 20 and it was so stupid and pointless, so check their logs.

anyways a new vote created every few seconds ruins the gameplay, as some people switch weapons with numbers, just fills the screen for no good reason and basically just spam or any other reason you can come up with that you cant block.
8: Proof: logs.

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Hello Allah,

I am truly sorry for whatever happened in game that you were bothered by those excessive votes. I have talked to the mentioned admins about it and I get what they were trying to do. I also have watched the demo that most of the players really had fun in the server and no one was complaining, making them thought that it was okay, everybody had fun in their minds. Most of the time people couldn't take these maps too seriously and I understand (and indeed we cannot please everyone).

Though I do get your point as well, it can be annoying. There may be some people who was annoyed by the votes but  they just didn't want to express it!

Basically most people had fun. I have talked to the admins about it and they are now aware of it (notes taken by them)

Thanks for reporting and have a great day! ?

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