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Locked Admin Application (Milo350)

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1. Name: Iman (some know me as Milo350) Age: 30 years old 

2. Discord: MiloCem350#1330

3. Steam id: STEAM_0:1:523871930 application for ZR

4. I started playing CS: S about 15 years ago, but stopped at some point.

Maybe not played 10 years and started again 2 years ago when I discovered a ZR server.

5. I've been playing on the Nide ZR server for some time now, I feel very good here and am ready to take on new challenges.

6. I was a donation admin until recently, I've learned a lot from other admins and I'm ready to learn a lot more.

I think it's time to become a real man (ADMIN) now. ?

7. So that you can assess me, I am a very funny person and like to laugh, married, happy father of 2 healthy children.
I run a shop.
I only play at work, that means I'm online 4-7 hours a day: D which should hopefully be enough.

8. If a player were to use aimbot, I would watch the person possibly take a video recording and forward it, if there are other admins on the server I would communicate with them and make a decision together. We play for fun and CHEATING IS NOT FUN !!!

I hope my application was successful   ?

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