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  2. Batata

    The manager of the server really needs to see this... Oh wait
  3. I respect all of you. Thanks

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  5. Bro Man Salam

    Hamoud 2.0
  6. aF! mohamed.

    Hey, Thanks for apply I have known you for a long time, and i respect that, but the problems are: 1- Too young, i mean you don't have any knowledge about the admin 2- your English is bad (not good that much) you have to develop your English language 3-, Question 7, The answer is bad, You can decide alone, i mean if he really uses an aimbot, it will be very easy to check, so after checking if he really uses aimbot, ban him for 10080 minutes (1 week) without a warning. I still wish you luck and fun in the server.
  7. 1. Glockkk, 12 лет 2145899251 (non steam) 3. Играю 2+ года 4.важно развитие сервера и сообщества 5.я знаю команды админа, знаю что можно админу что нет, долго играю на сервере 6.сейчас я развиваюсь на сервере, и планирую ещё долго играть на сервере 7.если игрок подозревается в aimbot то я переключусь в наблюдатели и буду за ним наблюдать, то как он играет, если сам не смогу определить то отправлю дело старшему админу и он решит что делать.
  8. willy wilson

    So in regards to your slay, as I'm sure you've played Jurassic park before, and most of the time we play it, only one person wins, i.e. solo. On a lot of maps in zombie escape there are possible ways to solo maps, whether it be jumping on top of a helicopter, hiding, solo winning lasers, using an item to outplay everyone else, etc. and in this case, almost all the time when we play jurassic park, people solo, or duo, just generally getting few players to win, and it's not hard, it's due to how the map works, i.e. freeze nades, and a helicopter you can jump on top of. You freeze zms with your grenade, hide, time it will, etc. That is why your slay was entirely unjustified. I'd also like to point out, as an admin, I have seen you confidently making admin decisions without properly understanding many map mechanics, while 9/10 times, it's not a bad thing, but it's incredibly unnerving if you're getting a solo win, just to be slayed by an admin, or else sh*t talking maps, while 9/10 players are enjoying it, i.e. santassination, and you specifically telling me to be quiet, as I was speaking too loud (I was leading the map for reference, and for those who have ever heard me lead I tend to be somewhat repetitive, and loud, in order to ensure everyone can hear, understand, and properly know what to do) while I can see where you're coming from, it's things such as this, slaying solo wins, telling leaders to be quiet, etc. that demonstrate that you haven't played enough zombie escape to understand all the mechanics and properly admin. In my opinion, if you want to be a better admin, first learn the gamemode a bit more intimately, it's quite unique and has intricacies that need some status to understand, if you're ever unsure of something ask your fellow admins, they're there for a reason, also if you're new to admining, just wait, see what other people do, and try to act accordingly with the other admins. I wish you the best of luck, and hope you are fine and do well, but in order to properly administrate anything, you need to have a deep understanding of what you're administrating, i.e. being an admin. P.s. (I just wanted to make my points and I'm not a head admin or anything, but I just wanted to air my opinion on your admining, etc. so please take my statement with a grain of salt).
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  10. ℓαιтн(тη)

    1: Your own ingame name : laith[TN]2: Your own steam-ID : STEAM_0:0:207011460 3: Name of the admin(s) involved : batata4: What server did it happen on: zombie escape5: What map : ze_jurassicpark_c1v46: Time and date : 25.05.2020 @ 22:317: Explain the situation :only batata and 2 players were alive .. batata was hiding down near the halicopter an 3-2 zombies were searching for him on front of the halicopter too .. so i thought its not winnable round like everyone will think so slayed cts .. thene he ban me for 1 hour and demoted me from admin access saying that i could win the game and am a pro and i always win solo and who the f*ck are u but the probleme is he has only freeze nade and a knife and the other 2 cts can't help him .. how the heck will he gonna win a game against 3 nemesis mode zombies .. becides many players said SLAY HIM .. he could at least say i can win it or don't slay .. but he just removed my admin access as a reason to ban me and thene said go f*ck your self after he banned me .. after all its stays not a strong reason to take my admin access from me ... this is why the ze server is mostly empty ... 8: Proof : watch the demo of ze_jurassicpark_c1v4 starting from "25:00"
  11. wanpad1234

    Yes of course, i don't want anything to say again. thank you, sorry for my bad english.
  12. Sausage Clicker

    I time-bombed the two ct's only barely holding the jump spot inside of the temple, against the 6 zms camping there. Next time I will give you the benefit of the doubt and wait.
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  14. aF! mohamed.

    Winners have been rewarded.
  15. Jin

    Good bye jerry, See you again
  16. wanpad1234

    What do you mean, deliberate decision? why the hell did you bomb with me, are you ruined it anything isn't it?
  17. Sausage Clicker

    Upon discussion, and review of the demo, ending the last round early was not the right call in this situation. Considering the fact that you had the high ground and with the limited health of zms victory in 1-2 minutes was plausible, however out of concern for the spectators, I acted in earnest. Next time I will take more time to make a deliberate decision that everyone is happy with.
  18. wanpad1234

    1. wanpad1234 2.STEAM_0:0:166182124 3.Sausage Clicker 4.STEAM_0:0:134803050 5.NiDE Zombie Escape 6.ze_atix_extinction_b7 7.24/5/2020 - 18 PM 8.Afternoon. But i playing to atix extinction against on this map, the Sausage Clicker is spamming to timebomb his wanpad & moray and then explosion two herself and he ruined the duo this really again. 9.Check this demo,
  19. yama

  20. Heyfumi

  21. Monkey D Luffy

    A bit 2 late for that after all the damage u caused on the server tbh.
  22. Lightning Strike

    Damn what a surprise ure sorry after being perma Perhaps u could've also been sorry before u insulted admins or when avoided mutes or when avoided bans or when avoided being perma
  23. skittter

    Hello my name is Jerry my steam id is _0:0:9100266. I would like to apologize for the tremendous amount of insults and aggression towards the admins and the players of the servers. I believe that i have done many irresponsible and stupid things in the past. I hope the apology is accepted
  24. MMRandy

  25. hifielie

    All admins are not pro like some players Carlos, machu, and me are gonna be a problem for admin team.
  26. Joe Mama!!!

    Who's gonna be our goal keeper?
  27. wanpad1234

    Very good, We're going to start for waiting this match up.
  28. Wicked*

    nice jk noobs vs admins playing 24/7 gg its gonna be like 2 10
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