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    Zombie Escape Event #62 Part 1: Admins vs Players: 23/05/2020 - 2 pm GMT+0 Part 2: The tables have turned: 24/05/2020 - 2 pm GMT+0 1 Year of NiDE GG! The new NiDE, NiDE GG, has celebrated 1 year of existence!It has been great to play Zombie Escape with you during all this time,But for this event... It will be even better! An intense duel between Admins and Players...! Zombies switching roles with Humans...! Oh boy, this looks promising! Don't forget to join us this weekend, Because the best event of the year will happen soon! Goodluck! 5 Days of VIP will be credited to everyone that join the server during 22/05/2020 and 24/05/2020! (still waiting for confirmation) Event information: We will play the following map(s): Part 1: Admins vs Players! 23/05/2020 - 2 pm GMT+0 ze_football_b2 (which you can download manually here) Special information: There will be a team composed by admins only and one team composed by normal players only. The respawn will be disabled in the map, which means that if you die, you won't come back to life until the round is over. Volleyball and Water Polo will be disabled during the event. Admins will always be in human team. The first team to reach 10 score is the winner! Part 2: Tables have turned! (Zombies with guns and Humans with knife) - 24/05/2020 - 2 pm GMT+0 ze_blackmesa_escape_final ze_boatescape6_remix_fix2 ze_dangerous_waters_v1a ze_echo_boatescape_extended ze_games_v2_2a ze_grand_boat_escape_v1_9 ze_icecap_escape_v5 ze_island_escape_sg_01 ze_jurassicpark_c1v4 ze_mario_tower_v4 ze_nemesis_nide_v2 ze_rooftop_runaway2_v5 ze_sc_turtles_v5fix ze_sorrento_escape_v5 ze_volcano_escape_v4 ze_voodoo_islands_v8_2 Special information: All the weapons will be restricted for humans. They will only have knife and, in some cases, a fire grenade (with a good knockback, in that case). On the opposite side, zombies will have no knife, but they will have... AK47! All the humans will have 100 HP and 0 Kevlar in the beginning of the round. Each bullet you take from a zombie makes you lose 1 HP. The knife knockback for the humans will always be huge: the idea is you need to get rid of the zombies with your knife. In some maps there will be 50/50 humans and zombies, in other maps there will be less zombies (like 33%). In some maps, specially those with traps, the respawn will be disabled so when the zombies die, they won't come back again. Time of the event: 23/05/2020 at 2 pm GMT+0 and 24/05/2020 at 2 pm GMT+0 Special rules: Rules will be relaxed during this event. But also don't expect to do whatever you want. Exagerated spam, for example, will still be handled with a mute. Leader: All the players. Rewards: 5 Days of VIP will be credited to everyone that join the server during 22/05/2020 and 24/05/2020! (still waiting for confirmation) Connect information: Server: Zombie Escape IP: Steam event link: NiDE Steam Group