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  1. I notice more and more that new players come to ZR but also ZE after I recruited players from different servers, I see slowly but surely that NIDE.GG is only growing more and more I hope we can all together change so that the server is bigger . to all of you who are my friends and to all of you who visit my profile if you use instagram, facebook, spread NIDE.GG on social forums so people get more knowledge about us :). We must also not forget that we are the players who can only make NIDE.GG better because if no one says anything, how should we know?
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  2. I'll have to see you in the server so I can unban your spray. Add me on steam.
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  3. thanks. may i (allah) bless you
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  4. Failnades has already been enabled again...
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  5. Not enough connection time on server.
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