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  1. inGame

    Unbanned UPD: Anyway got banned for avoiding ban.
  2. I've noticed that we play around 5-7 nemesis mode maps per day Dont you think its a little bit too much guys?
  3. oh lol didnt know about that...
  4. inGame

    this guy have 100% activity according to our stats. Also he is donating , +1
  5. inGame

    I've fixed players count for mountain both versions. @Lightning Strike
  6. Привет ))  хочу купить VIP -ку 


  7. inGame

    good job, added that group.
  8. inGame

    It's not plugin. This is a extended zombiereloaded.
  9. inGame

  10. inGame

  11. i think we would need link for your friend steam account, not yours
  12. inGame

    Added a plugin that won't allow player connect to the server, if the steamid already exist on server.