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  1. inGame

    sorry but we dont give leader access only for nominate minas added
  2. inGame

    didnt get you where you want to update
  3. inGame

    Added both
  4. inGame

    By discussing with admin team we can say that you'r active on mic but rarely leads. We would like to see more activity from your exactly in leading process. Sadly we can't accept your request at the moment.
  5. inGame

    added added
  6. inGame

    restored your report
  7. inGame

    brought back closed
  8. inGame

    the problem is exactly in ff maps cuz when we play other maps players dont leave. Nothing to say more, facts in front of you. No sense to continue discussions in this topic.
  9. inGame

    So tired of ff. Those ff lovers dont respect our work. We allow ff maps for them and they still make server dead each time ff maps played.
  10. inGame

    bots appears only for few seconds after map start (plugin bug)
  11. inGame

    added we never saw you leading before
  12. inGame

    The problem of FF maps is that server always die after the map. Thats why we added this system to them.
  13. hi in game iam abderahim liliou iam so love NIDE<3 ❤️

  14. inGame

    well Leader have to use mic to lead players on map ^_^
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