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  1. ღდ❦NikaTech

    icey leading event? o.O noice.....
  2. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Bruh.. look at all those players in the roof.. LMFAO
  3. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Love the app, the confidence, the experience... +1
  4. ღდ❦NikaTech

    47 deepn papa
  5. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Played with him recently. He leads, he does a good job as dono admun(from what I've seen). +1
  6. ღდ❦NikaTech

    This got suggested before by other players but it got denied ;-;
  7. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Oof... I was wondering why it was so familiar.. and the only person I know that moderated in a TF2 ze server was you... (I actually had to read everything from his app ;-;) As Nibster said.. I will be giving a -1 as well...
  8. ღდ❦NikaTech

    I think so too. In the fapescape event with 2 maps(more or less 12 rounds both maps), the awards were like.. 12 days. Both maps were ez but this map harry potter is hard and its just 1 week... I'd say increase it
  9. ღდ❦NikaTech

    +1 This guy doesn't troll. He loves playing hard maps and loves to lead maps as well. You've been a trial at the same time dono admin so you know the commands and the situation to use them in. His behavior towards me wasn't anything toxic but friendly, a good guy.
  10. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Your fault is that you inflated as provided by DEMON in the demo. INFLATING - Becoming zombie on purpose in case you didn't know
  11. ღდ❦NikaTech

  12. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Ahhh Frodo, here you are signing up for the fellowship of rings. But be warned, that this journey is like no other. All jokes aside. Frodo, you have a great personality and you are a cool guy to play with. You've definitely written a good application, one both humorous and interesting. You've been an admin before so that's a good thing. +1 and I quote "Because I am a damn great leader."
  13. ღდ❦NikaTech

    -1 Bad application, you wouldn't do this in an interview for a job right?
  14. ღდ❦NikaTech

    My comrade, I shall see you in the battlefield against these primitive monsters (Yes, looking at you icey).
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