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  1. ღდ❦NikaTech

    icey leading event? o.O noice.....
  2. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Bruh.. look at all those players in the roof.. LMFAO
  3. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Love the app, the confidence, the experience... +1
  4. ღდ❦NikaTech

    47 deepn papa
  5. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Played with him recently. He leads, he does a good job as dono admun(from what I've seen). +1
  6. ღდ❦NikaTech

    This got suggested before by other players but it got denied ;-;
  7. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Oof... I was wondering why it was so familiar.. and the only person I know that moderated in a TF2 ze server was you... (I actually had to read everything from his app ;-;) As Nibster said.. I will be giving a -1 as well...
  8. ღდ❦NikaTech

  9. ღდ❦NikaTech

    I think so too. In the fapescape event with 2 maps(more or less 12 rounds both maps), the awards were like.. 12 days. Both maps were ez but this map harry potter is hard and its just 1 week... I'd say increase it
  10. ღდ❦NikaTech

    +1 This guy doesn't troll. He loves playing hard maps and loves to lead maps as well. You've been a trial at the same time dono admin so you know the commands and the situation to use them in. His behavior towards me wasn't anything toxic but friendly, a good guy.
  11. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Your fault is that you inflated as provided by DEMON in the demo. INFLATING - Becoming zombie on purpose in case you didn't know
  12. ღდ❦NikaTech

  13. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Ahhh Frodo, here you are signing up for the fellowship of rings. But be warned, that this journey is like no other. All jokes aside. Frodo, you have a great personality and you are a cool guy to play with. You've definitely written a good application, one both humorous and interesting. You've been an admin before so that's a good thing. +1 and I quote "Because I am a damn great leader."
  14. ღდ❦NikaTech

    -1 Bad application, you wouldn't do this in an interview for a job right?
  15. ღდ❦NikaTech

    My comrade, I shall see you in the battlefield against these primitive monsters (Yes, looking at you icey).
  16. Happy birthday my guy (Might not actually be your birthday since not everyone places their real birthdate in anything) either way, happy birthday 😂

  17. ღდ❦NikaTech

    @LOLYOU1337 You don't have to apologize for suggesting an idea my friend. Everyone has idea's they want to share and in your case, you just recently joined so you were not aware. If you have any other idea's, feel free to share them
  18. ღდ❦NikaTech

    This idea or something similar to this was already suggested by others but was denied already...
  19. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Yes, when? Hatdog host :)))))
  20. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Iris my guy, you weren't banned and unbanned, you were just kicked with the reason of being banned. wanderer<752><[U:1:330155922]><> kicked Iris Shehaj<508><[U:1:1004993176]><> (reason You Have been Banned From this server , check bans.nide.gg for)
  21. ღდ❦NikaTech

    Anwar my guy, you will definitely be missed. Sad to see u part with us especially since I kinda recently gotten back in the server, so you and I haven't really had the time to bond. You are a great guy anwar, never forget that you have friends here if ever. Best of wishes and good luck in life.
  22. ღდ❦NikaTech

    This is a mega no. Hopefully ur trolling or this would be sad. -1
  23. ღდ❦NikaTech

    @RuD it's still zombie escape how ever you look at it.
  24. ღდ❦NikaTech

    straight to the point +1 Good guy, Good map/item knowledge
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