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  1. this is nide, laser maps are barely allowed
  2. monkey nomination made by a monkey, how curious
  3. add 3 blue lasers to cosmo, it honestly makes it better
  4. mine is obviously westersand v7 and not mako ew
  5. 1: Yumica/Iszunia 2: Zombie Escape 3: I have had my own server for a few weeks back in 2014 (peaked at 32/32,) with someone named OneDerp, however I didn't have the time nor motivation to keep it running. I have also been admins on a few scandinavian ze servers back in early 2014. 4: I want to try and help NiDE. I also feel like I'm one of the only people on NiDE that doesn't have the mindset of a 12 year old. 5: Other things that we might need to know about you, i'm familiar with a lot of the old players that tends to troll and spread "cancer," meaning I can snitch or even prevent it :squirtheh:
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