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  1. Niiarks

    57 - GTA vice city
  2. Niiarks

    1 - Niiarks 2 - 0:0:148150782 3 - Guardian_Player 4 - Zombie revival 5 - zm_lila_panic_detox_v03 6 - 16/06 / Time check the demo 7 - destroys the barricades and throws grenades at the props and gag/mute for no reason (everyday), spends his time criticizing and threatening on the game and on the forum also with emails 8 - proof ---> for abuse admin check demo and logs forum : (this is a small part of all the hate/rage messages coming from him) Report reply Guardian_Player 2 Replied: Sunday at 07:38 AM 1-From now on you stop f*cking with me 2- From now on we are the same 3- Let me be and I'll let you be 4- If you continue to f*ck with me I will be your worst nightmare and you will then meet me face to face and apologize. 5- When you read this I now give you a warning do not write anything bad or bad back. '6- I've had such types of things to do with before, they always start with being cocky behind the screen but then when you meet face to face they are not cocky reaching anymore. I let you be and you let me agree? in game : 020-06-14 06:35:41 Guardian_Player BELIVE MEE NIIARKS I WILL BE YOUR worst f*cking nigtmare Zombie Revival :: NiDE.GG :: Unlimited Ammo|FastDL|Shop zm_devils_survive_v1_d 2020-06-14 06:34:41 Guardian_Player The day i met you Niiarks then i will break and destroy you. AND THEN RUN UP YOUR COMPUTER IN YOUR ASS SOOO HARD Zombie Revival :: NiDE.GG :: Unlimited Ammo|FastDL|Shop zm_devils_survive_v1_d
  3. Niiarks

    14 - GTA vice city
  4. Niiarks

    33 garry's mode
  5. Niiarks

    +1 good player and good admin
  6. Niiarks

    RIP french ..
  7. Niiarks

  8. Niiarks

    good app +1
  9. Niiarks

    I warn you several times, I've gag you 2 times + mute for the same reason. your gag was changed (2h). you want problems and after you come to cry on the forum, question yourself.
  10. Niiarks

    +1 nice application but "I will warn him first and tell him to turn off him aimbot" I'm not sure he obeys you, goes direct to the sanction maybe !
  11. Niiarks

    knife_fun map for 40 Minutes max. God, you're a genius
  12. Niiarks

    1 - yes I kicked you several days ago for spec abuse 2 - in the rules, it is not precise that using an aimbot is forbidden but it seems logical not to abuse bug/cheat or any other abuse (if it's written but hey I needed an example) 3 - I have asked you several times to stop but you understand that when you are interested 4 - unfair and not fair play for other players to go in spec when they go to kill/infect you and come back after again and again 5 - yes I call you noob and bot, the truth sometimes hurts
  13. Niiarks

    +1 -speaks multiple languages and is active on the ZR server.
  14. Niiarks

    gg me , gg bolol and gg everyone