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  1. Niiarks

    He'll live forever in my heart #Gay ? maybe
  2. Niiarks

  3. Niiarks

    good app +1
  4. Niiarks

    I warn you several times, I've gag you 2 times + mute for the same reason. your gag was changed (2h). you want problems and after you come to cry on the forum, question yourself.
  5. Niiarks

    +1 nice application but "I will warn him first and tell him to turn off him aimbot" I'm not sure he obeys you, goes direct to the sanction maybe !
  6. Niiarks

    knife_fun map for 40 Minutes max. God, you're a genius
  7. Niiarks

    1 - yes I kicked you several days ago for spec abuse 2 - in the rules, it is not precise that using an aimbot is forbidden but it seems logical not to abuse bug/cheat or any other abuse (if it's written but hey I needed an example) 3 - I have asked you several times to stop but you understand that when you are interested 4 - unfair and not fair play for other players to go in spec when they go to kill/infect you and come back after again and again 5 - yes I call you noob and bot, the truth sometimes hurts
  8. Niiarks

    +1 -speaks multiple languages and is active on the ZR server.
  9. Niiarks

    gg me , gg bolol and gg everyone
  10. 1 > NiiArkS 26 years old 2 > 0:0:148150782 3 > 10 years and on all Counter Strike 4 > on css I play only on the NIDE server - respect other players and have fun ^_^ 5 > Trial admin on the server ZR recently 6 > Work half-time that leaves me a lot of time to play 7 > no deal with cheaters "RIP"
  11. Niiarks

    Forever zm_lila_nide_ak1_v9_5a
  12. profile - block all communication! and ignore that person ,kids always give up
  13. Niiarks

    women, but if you send nudes I can change my mind Trump or Bolsonaro ?