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  1. nice creation of a new account just to complain on this post
  2. To Whom It may concern, Please be advised that the admin team makes decisions aimed to benefit the future of nide. If you don't agree with us, I believe we have a new nide chill server, or you can join unloze and post your limited ramblings there but I digress. Firstly, you appeal to our better sense of judgement by providing us zero respect, however expect us to understand and unpack your constructive criticism and provide you with a revolutionised solution. I implore you to understand that the continual negligence of common etiquette proves this and reenfoirces your limited knowledge of how this "cancer" lsa team operates. To address your concerns in regarding to the recent trial admins that were promoted, we have seen their involvement within our team base and eagerness to learn and improve, this desire to learn and grow as individuals was something you yourself lacked when you were an admin. Conversely, F0rzre is a controversial character, everyone knows him because of his past actions. Similarly with his past actions, and little to none communication, we felt that he wasn't a solid fit for our team in it's current state. What I expect from a good admin, is someone who doesn't explode the moment we provide criticism and expectations to do better. For all those reading this and those who responded above, there is an obvious reason why there is a divide between players and trolls and that is because we are tasked with dealing with the larger immature base of nide. I can only hope you look in a mirror. The main goal of an admin is to provide good gameplay, we concede this fact however, kindly point out that this point is somewhat mute when considering the perspectives of all the users of nide. How then do we provide good gameplay? It is the duty of an admin to act in the general good of the players, and to act as nothing more reasonable man would. Due to the uncontrolled tempers and impulsive decisions we feel that it is in our best interests to act against this, to support the larger aspect of our community. We honestly appreciate your time to post this thread and how you support our overarching management with Killik, but it seems contradictory that you then question the ability that he placed upon our Lead Admin Team. The decisions we have made currently stand and we hold the right to see potential in the server that we manage. If you are upset with this, you can apply for admin yourself. For all those with constructive information and ideas that wish to improve the server, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the Lead Admins via discord to communicate your suggestions. Kind regards, LSA Team
  3. Thank you for your report. We will look into the validity of your claims and take action accordingly.
  4. Put some more effort into your application before we even consider it.
  5. Hey mate, nice application, look forward to seeing you in server.
  6. Lesson Learned, treat all the princesses on the server with respect. Topic Locked, No action necessary.
  7. Denied, if you want the reason contact me or the other senior admins.
  8. @Alcolo Oasis As much as I feel you're pain, there's literally nothing i can do bar give you a... FREE NEXT MAP PASS!!!! YOU, (yes you), get access to an instant change the map pass whenever you want! CoNdItIoNs, apply etc etc/// In all seriousness, if the population drops we have a plugin that auto changes the map lol, sooooooooooooooooo. Hopefully our new manager @Shiz0 will be our beacon of hope , albeit bare with him because he cant speak english....
  9. I watched the demo, and I saw on cosmo, Creepy clearly died.
  10. While a permanent mute is certainly extreme, It is known that you have a history of being a public nuisance. It has been reduced to ONE WEEK. Topic Closed.
  11. Hey! @Batata is regrettably stepping down in the not-to-distant-future, this has led to some foreseen changes in the direction we want to progress. Currently as we complete the transition from @Killik stepping up to take over @Anwar's role, we now will attempt to seamless transition an even more pivotal role. In order to facilitate the new era of Nide, Ingame and the Lead Admins thought it prudent to revise the current system and make much needed adjustments to where we view necessary. We have significantly reduced ban guidelines, and will continue to shift them off any community feedback given. TL:DR Bans Stopped banning for: Item trolling; Bhop scripts/hyper etc; No boss shooting How do we deal with this from now? Item trolling - !eban Bhop script - !bhop <target> 0 (Plugin should autodisable bhop on target that detected) No boss shooting - !slay As well as no player respawn when they crash/afk etc. You can read more on the edited ban rules / durations here - Furthermore, as we continue this 'New Nide,' it is worth noting that currently Pivo is Sever Admin again on Nide under @inGame's direct recommendation. This means, that it is (now more than ever) essential that if you see incorrect behaviour from old or new admins, that you alert us so we can deal with the situation. We live in an unsafe world, but we can at least ensure our servers, both ze and zr, are safe and enjoyable spaces for everyone to enjoy. - Sausage
  12. Let's keep criticism to constructive feedback.
  13. Trolling in front of 30 people v 60 people is the same, I will not excuse your actions. You know of the rules despite your disregard for them. You are an old player and should know better.
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