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  1. Bro Man Salam

    This guy is 100% evil I remember he used to use this name, so highers please close the topic and let the ban permanent even if he didn't avoid Already got perm ban in unloze
  2. Bro Man Salam

    close the topic already
  3. Bro Man Salam

    hahahahaha wtf happened here
  4. Bro Man Salam

    Wicked insulting players even in nomination thread
  5. Bro Man Salam

    Hello First of all, I can't understand so much this thread since the guy who reported Raiden its an admin, so instead of reporting u should have acted with a ban or a warn About what happened if Raiden really boosted, ban him following the rules Pd : what Raiden did if it's right is a ban but he is good guy and he is not toxic
  6. Bro Man Salam

    Agree with wicked , is not just that , there are many noobs that dont know how dodge lasers yet and they need learn without knife out , no point of slay in that cases , also in maps where bossfight lasers has no timer no clue why slay I can understand slay in some maps where there is time in lasers to kill it fast like stalker ultimate
  7. Bro Man Salam

    +1000, Good guy and good player with good knowledge about different maps. He has good relationship with everyone and totally fair player (never trolls) An as I said u before, the age doesnt matter in this game
  8. Bro Man Salam

    Well Good application, means good effort on writte it , u remember me to hamoud But 2 things : I really don't know u If u are 17 and u started play in 2009, u went to internet cafes with 6 years, mm strange , that's so young for play css
  9. Bro Man Salam

    Good player with good knowledge of the maps Good guy trying always to help the people and never troll, never be toxic towards the other players Good time connection on the game +1 Pd : Cabron en la pregunta última todos fallais, si usa hacks y lo pillas ni hablar con el, le baneas directamente, otra cosa es el hyper
  10. Bro Man Salam

    Hello mate , i never see u on the game , or at least u never talk or writte People making admin applies with 4 hr conection.... sorry mate but big -1
  11. Bro Man Salam

  12. Bro Man Salam

  13. Bro Man Salam

    Still better than a random 1 stage map with nemesis mode
  14. Bro Man Salam


    Hello FoX, perfect application, probably the best I have ever seen (ik Russian). I can see that u made so much effort to writte it and u are well known in the server, so that's why I want tell u that u have been accepted as admin, talk with lead admins when u have time. Thanks for the apply
  15. Bro Man Salam

    -1, if he get accepted we gonna play last man standing every day and also we need be accepted 1 our best future admin aka samwise JAJA jk, +100000000