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  1. Bro Man Salam

    Lardy u should answer already and give ur opinion Im not gonna even ask ingame (He is busy giving perma vip to 7 years kids , so strange..)
  2. Bro Man Salam

    Before i start i want to say that lowparty left admin team after got insulted by lmntrix for no add reason in the bans /gags/mutes, and now he did the same as i see on the report I dont have nothing against this german ( he is turkey) guy , but he clearly proved many times that he cant be not only lead admin , normal admin tho . ( check how many reports he has), he is becoming the New hope (Farmer Lead Admin) .Idont give a sh*t about whats going there on the server but let the People enjoy the game and stop acting like is admins are something like swats. I was bad admin and that had
  3. Bro Man Salam

    Creepy dont lie bro , u Know leads admins can check chat stats , this kind of things happens frecuently And u Still dont want to accept it , but nvm i wont bother u more ,leads Will decide
  4. Bro Man Salam

    What malala is saying its true , and many fcking times , so u must fix this things or trust me , u wont be accepted
  5. Bro Man Salam

    Just accept him to prevent 200 future admins applications either here r unloze Also he plays everyday and everyhour , he is so active +1 pd : sorry for my english pd : green tea is a ni**er ( i know he will read this xD )
  6. Bro Man Salam

    U cant do sh*t bro , batata is former manager and no one gonna punish / say nothing to him , either leads r management About ur admin abuse , batata doesnt make many mistakes , but that was one , probably batata hates u and decided do that
  7. Bro Man Salam

    The only abuse i can see here , is that plex ebanned u 1 day , what is clearly so much since u are regular and no troller player But the eban is totally justified , i was there and for me i saw u using holy cause u get mad cause soemone stucked the boss , but even if im wrong , and u wanted use holy to dicrease the boss hp , is most dumb decision i have ever seen ( u used holy at start when we were like 40 and didnt trim anyone yet + holy does so few damage ) . I only see holy on boss , when the boss trim so many people and holy is used to kill the boss faster for stop the trim , for
  8. Bro Man Salam

    Dont worry im gonna send some demos to leads admin , to see if i spread fake info or not
  9. Bro Man Salam

    That was abuse but im ssure he did not on purpose , mistakes happen Why u dont repprt other admins that abuse everyday ? ( some players are comlained me everyday ) U just reported cause u get affected in a map u won 400 times Im gonna give u examples One week ago one admin skipped almost all stages in misaka and u were agree ( even u were encouraged him to do it) when its not allowed , almost everyday people doing yektimas in ff maps , u didnt report anything of that , for me its fine but remember that u reported me like 2 times months ago for allow a yektima and suddenly u
  10. Bro Man Salam

    I dont play so much to see if there many spammer dont get punished , but always when i connect i see u bothering evryone either chat/mic , as i said i wont reduce the mute , ask leads if they want
  11. Bro Man Salam

    wanderer report is just stupid , he eunbanned u already
  12. Bro Man Salam

    only one sentence bro ? u can check demo u talk so much , sorry im not gonna unmute u
  13. Bro Man Salam

    In addition , some players complained me that one admin ( p1lover ) skipped all normal stages in misaka
  14. Bro Man Salam

    Thanks for all bro , u are one of the best friends i had in this game , always so kind and polite with everyone Good luck with ur life , u will find a job for sure
  15. Bro Man Salam

    With that rule , half of the server should be perma banned Need change the ban system again
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