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  1. Donated Player NIDE.GG H.B

    From the beginning there was a misunderstanding between you and me when you slay me because I blocked a door but you listened to me quickly and we sorted everything out in less than 60 minutes which I thought was good you listened quickly. A few days ago I asked you for help when a player shot my props and you fixed it quickly. I really hope that everyone here at nide.gg does not base bad decisions just because you are new because you are very good who should listen and want learn things. Even simp who played here for more than 1 year is also a good admin and I am very sure that you will be a
  2. Donated Player NIDE.GG H.B

    He will be a good sever admin. I myself have been playing with him for a couple of months now and he is better than many others at explaining to players who destroy props or use cheating that it is not allowed. Had it been up to me, I would have approved him 100 percent.
  3. Hi my friends my question to you all out there is anyone more than me who noticed that zr is starting to get more alive? :)

  4. I have torn my ass off to find more players for ZR but also ZE. I now see that several new players are really playing on ZR. Best of all is that I now see that Portal has opened the group for ZR again which is then called ZM-Elite players on discord which is very good for us who play on ZR I hope that the group can grow and get bigger there too and that we together continue to keep ZR alive. Together we can do the impossible together we can grow because there is nothing that is impossible 🙂

  5. I notice more and more that new players come to ZR but also ZE after I recruited players from different servers, I see slowly but surely that NIDE.GG is only growing more and more I hope we can all together change so that the server is bigger 🙂 .

    to all of you who are my friends and to all of you who visit my profile if you use instagram, facebook, spread NIDE.GG on social forums so people get more knowledge about us :). We must also not forget that we are the players who can only make NIDE.GG better because if no one says anything, how should we know?



  6. Many people are probably wondering why I have bought so many VIPs for several different players. This can certainly create a situation that when some players' VIPs go out, they will get angry because they do not get new ones, therefore I have been very clear with my messages that I will explain here.

    I have now for 2 weeks logged in to a little different death match servers and zoombie server I have mainly applied to people who like zoombie server. I have found several people who have not even heard of nide.gg despite the fact that many of them play Cs often. I have told these players to start playing on nide.gg and you get free VIP from me 30 days to begin with and when it expires I buy new VIP 30 more days so the players get it a little easier and feel warmly welcome I have also given tracers, aura to several players and personal skin that is in the shop. I have now for 10 days been sitting up more or less a little over I have seen that several new players have come and some I have been explained the rules for but now I think it is very important that we think about our attitude several of the players have previously stopped playing on their servers due to people insulting them. I myself am known for having an attitude but since I came up with this idea I have chosen to change some I can call a cure I am human I with all of us say and do things we do not mean. I think we welcome all new players with a warm hand and make sure they thrive, I have discovered about 10-15 new names in the game and these are names that I recognize from the servers I found people on :).

  7. Some ask me why I donate money to Nide.gg the answer is simple-- I myself run companies I should paint, rust and repair crashed cars. My biggest interest is to repair cars but above all develop and convert petrol cars to ethanol cars and also troubleshooting with a professional obd is one of my bigger interests. Some of my earned money goes to this server because I think that together we can make it bigger and ensure that it lives on for the future who knows the day we ourselves have children so maybe our children play on this server also thanks nice donations from people who care and are interested.

    A little info about who I am :).

    I am 30 years old and am from Gävle, Stockholm from the beginning but live in Dalarna-Falun, Borlänge. I have a f*cking attitude that many people know but I'm kinder than many people think.

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    2. Donated Player NIDE.GG H.B
    3. // Pegasus 007 \\

      // Pegasus 007 \\

      Excellent bro, your grandfather must have been an eminence all about cars, motors, chassis, etc (a lotttt kwnoledge)

      of course, I'm going to google - Maptun, Nordic trim and I will going learn more about that amazing world. 👍👍👍

    4. Donated Player NIDE.GG H.B

      Donated Player NIDE.GG H.B

      do that bro :). Yes he was amazing man :) 

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