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  1. To those of you who want to connect to a good discord server here, you can talk about everything possible





  2. NOTHAI- haha i've never heard a man talk as much sh*t as you do xd. I contribute to the server anyway and pay to make it better do you do it? no you just sit in forums and whine like a little bitch. I never suck anyone's cock but I can make you suck me if you want so you can feel how a real cock feels to suck on;) because you do not have one yourself;)
  3. So you stopped playing because some changes were made? it is 2021 now you have to be prepared for a lot of changes on a game server. To threaten that you have stopped playing or will stop playing only proves that you are a child who does not get what you want haha seriously it must be the most fun I have read in a long time Paranoid xd. We should not have to have a f*cking vote because our Technical admin makes the server better stop being so f*cking creepy and let the technical admin do his job instead of whining at them so much we have a damn good time here at nide unlike others. Take the game fortnite where changes are made constantly and correctly as it is when you want to play, they have sent out updates of 20 gb without even talking to players about such big changes and here you sit and whine about lots of sounds and small changes. If you do not want to join NIDE.GG changes stop playing on the server instead
  4. maybe he has no keyboard and no button to turn off hahahhahahahah xd wish.com xd xd
  5. thanks to all of you who make the server better<3<3
  6. i can see only good songs yay
  7. FOX FOXI FOXINA -----the truth is that you should learn from the players and listen to what everyone is saying. But as everyone says you are not suited to be a server lead admin and you always protect your brother. Your brother should have more respect for those who keep this server alive especially for those who support the server with donations and he should have respect for those who actually build folders. Of course your brother has something against dolly for all folders dolly does it is just NEDRUGG who thinks they are bad and it proves a lot that your brother has a lot against dolly HE IS A f*ckING ABUSE ADMIN and only makes the server worse that is the truth. And I know you will write something ugly back because you are not man enough to talk to a man like me;) my cock is bigger than your cock;)
  8. hahahahhahahah says he who asked for money to buy a translation program that was better than google translate haha
  9. Very embarrassing that you even sit and write here predator which is banned here xd
  10. Yousef have you checked your chat log you have called runover who is admin for and then you sit here and report me when you called runover for bitch, retard, fat ass your chat log is not so beautiful either https: //stats.nide .gg / hlstats.php? mode = chathistory & player = 252005 And yes they are true I slay you at the end of the map and it does not affect the game at all. I should slay you every time again you destroy props in every match and you move on them too. The players yousef are actually Shepheard, 47 who sits and conjures with 1000 different accounts. I have Shepheard as a friend on steam and every time the player Yousef is online, Shepheard is offline. Then he and dolly have written to each other in their language and there Yousef told that he is shepheard and then he sits and searches for admin from another account. I seriously think you have mental problems Yousef and I recommend you call a doctor
  11. James Blunt- Goodbye my lover
  12. alphaville- forever young
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