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  1. Your suggestion is good but I dont think admins getting notified on how much someone gets of !sm will fix the situation (at least not that change alone) there will still be more people treated unfairly but just with a new system But I agree with you that its frustrating to get muted for sometimes not a lot when others can spam like they want I think the correct way to fix the situation is to make the mutes rules clearer right now its very blurry,by very blurry meaning practically all admins just try to do like everyone else is doing,so it's not very helpful and players dont know whats allowed anymore. I think the situation is equally as annoying for admins and players alike when someone starts speaking an other language or plays music we dont even know if we should mute or not and it leaves a lot of doubt on what is the right choice. funniest part is when more than 1 admin connected and we stay both clueless talking in admin chat about what to do lmao. But to be honest with you I doubt that an autism vibe side would be included in the rules as like its pretty chaotic I think there is some logic behind the rules being vague because they cant cover anything but I still think they could get more details like perhaps a distinction between Hard focus map with like a leader and all where it makes sense to mute severly and random maps like boat escape where maybe rules should give a bit more freedom and like wether players are complaining from a spammer or not could be taken into account but I think it doesnt make sense to make rules that depend of people current opinion on the server To give a quick example as to why if for example onii chan started speaking we would all insta !sm him just for the memes (sorry shaan but u know it had to be a clear example) I dont know why i wrote all of this but I wanted like to cover all of what I expercienced and some other admins too,maybe some of you have different opinions but from talking to a few other admins they all share some of what I said at least.
  2. I mean also the problem is that you can't know what to do as admin if someone does that on the server it's either you mute him people cry because it was funny you get reported,You don't mute him people cry because he is spamming music you get reported life is so great
  3. I understand your logic but I guess after thinking about it here's how most admins go about mutes: -If people are going on a serious map: even if someone speaks for a little bit before most people are able to !sm him they will get distracted from the leader now if everyone does this you could imagine it very annoying trying to !sm people everytime so if you mute the spammers others will not talk at the same time with leader -If people are like going autism and not caring then admins will not mute like mic spammers. I guess there is some logic behind this decision,I think saying you can just use !sm is technically correct but using !sm everytime when trying to focus on a leader and playing a hard map is kinda weird I mean it also like ruins a bit of like the tryhard experience having someone throw a random music but I guess it's fine when we are playing a chill map But rules a bit blurry since it pretty much depends on the admins online for example @Bolol can like one night full spam music non stop and not get mutted but then an other admin joins and he get insta muted for 24h. Which would kinda feel injustified since an other admin just let him spam like he wanted.
  4. Or we could disable failnades at the spawning area for like 20 seconds and maybe even like leave them enabled once every 3 rounds so we still have the troll / funny aspect in it,if they are disabled only on the first part it will leave people being enable to use them on the final level,or we can also just make them enable on the final level since it's the only one that requires failnades and redisable them automatically on next round,Deepn I think proposed this before and other people too but it got kinda ignored sooo.
  5. **Spam in the microphone and trolling will not be allowed** Laughs in daddy*s communist manifesto.
  6. we will always remember you
  7. can't argue with that rip @Dolly i think you're demoted now
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