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  1. red rover red rover send sin over and bring icey back over
  2. paranoid

    nice link retard
  3. paranoid

    The line/route was probably out of commission seeing it's back to normal
  4. paranoid

    bro holy sh*t shut the f*ck up u always comment on sh*t u have no clue about any retard can spend $1 buy admin and abuse and someone just did it an hour ago
  5. paranoid

    dumb ni**er did u read the post his ping went up by 70
  6. paranoid

    u prob just route bad to ovh, use vpn
  7. paranoid

    whats ur ping to unlose
  8. paranoid

  9. paranoid

    hes an admin stupid
  10. paranoid

    Snitches get stitches ni**er
  11. paranoid

    sorry !!
  12. paranoid

    bro i cant understand ur trash english did u extend lms today or not
  13. paranoid

    man u admins are clearly retarded or not paying attention if u think he would be a good admin, guy is a f*cking retard, ps if he extended lms today that alone should be reason not to give him admin
  14. paranoid

    yeah bro take a demo from 2 years ago dumb russian ni**er
  15. paranoid

    should permagag u instead
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