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  1. because this guy can't speak english and you admins are just too retarded to ask @Batata and expecting this guy to know what he did several months ago when batata gave a meme reason for the ban ill do it for him name: geroin est steamid: STEAM_0:0:80500936 admin who banned you: batata why were you banned: "f*ck off already" why should you be unbanned: I don't know what i did, "f*ck off already" is not a proper reason to be permanently banned
  2. Doesn't even make sense, here is what 4:3 would look like, along side the worst quality youtube gives me Laser is still visible and the side view on 16:9 isn't even helpful here It's your choice to use 4:3 anyways, why does a plugin need to be added because you chose to play with less peripheral vision? Placebo, even if it's true you are trading one benefit for a negative, just like how without hide when you go further forward on lasers you get better visibility but run the risk of dying as you have a smaller window to react or how you choose a separate/less dense camping spot to pick with less defenders but less likely hood of a ZM bhopping in and not being seen properly due to the stacking. you can change this however you see fit You're at a natural disadvantage with ping regardless, if the server was balanced for the needs of high ping players it'd be a terrible experience for people with low ping. My complaint isn't even mainly about lasers because they're easy to dodge due to transparency
  3. So why can't I use it as a zombie? This game is approaching 20 years of age, at this point it's probably on you if you can't manage a stable and playable framerate on the game. How often does someone block with player model verses grenade or item? The further forward you are, the harder it is for someone to intentionally block you with them trying to stay alive. There is transparency, you can still see pretty fine. The players are transparent he can see just fine. You just said it affects the gameplay and makes it easier.
  4. That's a demo screenshot, quite misleading. In game he would be transparent, which means you still have some visibility but not as much as the player who takes the greater risk and goes further forward. You can also adjust your position to go further left. But even with him there no transparency or anything all the lasers are easily visible and can be dodged still.
  5. How is it unfair? There is already transparency so you can still see on lasers, the further forward you go towards the laser the less time you have to react so it's a risk vs reward type thing, I fail to see how that is unfair. I don't see how the plugin improves gameplay, makes it more shallow and easier while removing some sort of punishment for camping in groups too much.
  6. I was referring to sweepy but go off. Which rule is being broken here? She could !sm me herself, doesn't need you to white knight her, why didn't you gag any other person for insulting, why only me, because I insulted a woman? Offending an admin isn't against any rules.
  7. So you agree he selectively gagged me because I insulted a woman?
  8. So when will he gag you? https://stats.nide.gg/hlstats.php?mode=chathistory&player=20551 You literally have more than a thousand mentions of the word "ni**er" in this month alone You're far more toxic than I could hope to achieve but as long as it's not directed at a woman it's alright according to Raizel?
  9. name: pookie a regular day on nide, people were insulting each other, raizel had no issue with that until someone decided to insult "moon" who happened to be a girl, raizel couldn't allow someone to insult some bitch he was simping for so gagged me over it, despite allowing other players to insult each other raizel claims he recorded it, so he can feel free to post his video but here's the chat log my chat log raizel's chat log Raizel's chat log after gagging me (take note of the simping) He even proceeds to insult me himself Seems clear to me that he only takes an issue with insulting if it's a girl being insulted.
  10. The product is either removed or it's not and I'm helping said testing phase by voicing my disapproval and possibly others
  11. testing what, how will any modification to the plugin address the issues around the unfairness towards CTs of the plugin?
  12. The plugin just makes the game easier for humans, what is next zammo? The lack of visibility when stacked is meant to punish humans from all just camping in one spot, it gives a chance to ZMs in the form of being less visible when humans all decide to camp an overpowered spot. There's already transparency which allows for some visibility but means you can't just stand all in the same spot and expect clear vision. If the plugin is meant to improve FPS then why can't zombies use it?
  13. it was echo boatescape extended, less than a minute into the round, 11 cts alive and raizel slays cts raizel has a habit of abusing slays and while other admins also abuse slay sometimes he is by far the worst one admins shouldn't be slaying unless the CTs are delaying/not attempting to win or there is a minute or less until map change to get an extra round 3 other admins were present but here is the demo for proof https://demos.nide.gg/css_ze/demos/auto-20210904-134913-ze_echo_boatescape_extended.dem.bz2
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