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  1. (っ >‿<)っ Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep!

    1. Rin ツ

      Rin ツ

      Sin (っ◕‿◕)っ Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep! 

      Sin  (っ◕‿◕)っ Nepu, Nepu, Nepu, Nepu, Nepu, Nepu!

      im so cute 🥰

    2. Sin


      Nepu Nepu Nepuuuu ❤️

  2. [ADMIN] laith : no slay on troll maps {ROOT} cmer : !slay @ct nice braindead @laith
  3. Sin

    and topic closed.
  4. Sin

    +1 stop sin-ing at me again ok or -1
  5. Sin

    vpn makes it worse, also btw my ping already normal on nide
  6. Sin

    Hello christo! Lemme tell you a thing: if you dare you avoiding the ban with your ALTERNATIVE account, your main account and your ALTERNATIVE account will be permanently banned too, so just need to make an appeal for your ban and wait for them to respond, if they give you a chance to play it again, change your mind and be a good player, if they reduce your ban for like 1 week, 2 weeks, etc. just wait till the ban expired (you can check on bans.nide.gg about your bans), but if they don't give you a chance, that's your pain for not being a good player, so be a good player! Just
  7. Sin

  8. Sin

    i use non wireless wifi aka i use lan cabble to use internet and that's faster, the only applications that are using internet in the background is firefox and discord
  9. Sin

    ping currently went so high from 180 to 250, my ping was 180 before, but after a DAdmin abuse and ruins the server my ping become so high for no reason. my internet mbps was 35-80 which is a fast internet speed can someone tell me pls to fix this? or give me cfg to make it feels like 0 ping
  10. Sin

    Sup guys my name is Sin, my real name is Reyzan Adam (you can call me Rey or Reyzan), i'm 19 and i was born in 2002, i live in Indonesia. thats all idk what to say more xD
  11. nah they respond me for like 5 hours xd
  12. Sin

    +1 i don't really know you but you seem a cool and good person Good luck
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