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  1. I think he meant 20 players playing as human or zombie and 20 spectators
  2. because no one knows that map and why would you even play mt bur without a leader lol
  3. ye predator is a retard, every admins who kicked/banned him will be spoofed and banned smh, "since when I knife bot"
  4. sure I alt to be my lastest ban, then I move to csgo lol or go unloze
  5. why would I be admin back nide is really boring and playing same maps everyday what can I get good from nide lol
  6. man just stfu already this is main event if you feel don't like playing it then don't play or uninstall css already smh
  7. supreme merged with nide
  8. Sin


    uchiha csgo version has css bhop tbh, you can try its from the mapper but idk how to make it
  9. Sin


    imagine nide csgo
  10. I didn't said that he was a cheater???
  11. imagine unbanning a cheater smh
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