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  1. Close topic. we figured it out.
  2. it was looking f*cking odd as f*ck. and i was spec you for 3 rounds. but im fair and give unban you. no worry. maybe i was just unlucky and cought you in testing. your unbanned.
  3. Bolol

    Frodo admin abuse.

    Get this kid out of the team.
  4. Management or server manager is the ones who can help you i guess.
  5. This is my danish f*ckboy brother. +1
  6. This contest end in october. I pick a winner there.
  7. Bolol


    This smell like snorking cock. Csgo is awfull
  8. Admins can do mistakes. But bring people should only be used for ct who got stuck by glitchs. Using bring on ct to win a map is abuse. Either your team win or loose. Players who hide or waste time on hiding = slay.
  9. People might be confused when the title is vip/games. Your right, but i just talk with the winner.
  10. Its been awhile since i made a contest, so i will make one now, for members/players of nide. Rewards is 1 free steam game of your choice. How to enter : Pick a number from 1 - 100 And write the game down. Like this: 1 - counter strike source. Let the game begin. I will use random.org to choose the winner. Contest end when all 100 is choosed, or i say so.
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