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  1. +1 Good application, and I knew him back in 2012-2013, he is a trustable admin ! And he is baguette
  2. Hi @Misqusi We debated over your application, and we can now tell you that you are accepted as a Trial Admin on ZE. Welcome aboard ! If you have any question, feel free to ask
  3. +++1 good player on chill and active !
  4. I gave you one Wednesday when we talked about posting invites in your forum status
  5. Hi @5917368 Sorry for the inconvenience, I will talk with the admin to understand how it happened. I have unbanned you.
  6. Hi Runover, I believe we already had a discussion together about the invites recently. Well, you advertised through the Discord server members, so he banned you from the Discord server that's not something unusual. If you got banned by High for sending him invite, it means he never wanted to join it, and that you probably invited a lot more that never asked.
  7. Hi, Ok, so you're asking for an unban because of advertising, and what are you doing, 4 hours later on forum? Same.
  8. Hi there, thanks for your report. I will talk with them. From what I've read in the chat, of course you said bad things in arabic, and that was worth of a gag. But that didn't come from nowhere, and the players Nakre and flushr should also have been muted previously, maybe you wouldn't have answer to him if he was muted before because they also deserved it.
  9. How do you know how dinosaurs sounds like? New sounds are way better tbh
  10. +1 because you already were part of Chill admins before the merge and there was no complaints or bad talk about you, but I hope you'll increase your playtime
  11. Kitsune


    Hi nothai, Thanks for the report, I will have a talk with this admin and we'll take actions. Closed.
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