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  1. NickName: Not your bussines STEAMID: Steam: STEAM_0:0:11326430 Admin: Infinity (Kpoper) STEAM_0:0:50297121 Today 300 iq admin named Infinity banned me permanently for no reason. Also if he see nothing, just make him open his eyes to see more. He didnt even see as i joined from my main ip, it means im from ukraine and my ip is unbanned. When i jokingly typed "!sm inf" he insulted me. Btw, next time make him try to ban players discribing the reason. I didnt anything bad and illegal, it happened on the map named rooftop. I wont say who unbanned my ip, this is not your bussines.
  2. My nickname: mars Steam: STEAM_0:0:11326430 2021.30.07-10:34:49 | Map - ze_atix_panic_b3t Admin named Freecazoid permabanned me for no reason. I think it because i had a fairly large number of kills, and killed him often from a long distance. But the fact is that the server doesn't need such admins who will ban players without checks, etc. So you can lose online. How long i played here, and in general in all ze, i realized that here is no place for professional and old players. From 2019 to 2021, i see teens crying that im a cheater, then they get admin access and ban me or the one they accuse. I'll even say about occvlt. How long i played with him and noticed that everyone was cryin that he was a cheater. I saw one admin named Batata, who doesnt even understand that on a train (and stairs) you can kill without using something. Where is ze going? Where do i go next? If one admin deprived me of the ability to play on 2 servers... Make admins read the rules!
  3. I'm no-name is here, but i not one time saw his abuse moments. Infinity specs for some ct and brings him away from me, when i almost infected him. It's f8cking annoying. [SM] Infinity (Kpoper): Brought Tr4p G1rl Ps : I'm lazy to make screenshot, i pasted it here.
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