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  1. Pasas1345

    The Laboratory Escape Marathon (Sort of): ze_laboratory_escape_beta1_4 ze_laboratory_escape_v2_v3b ze_MindTree_v1_6s Kickers: Since beta is too easy (apparently) 1 nade rebuy cap and 2 times the price of rebuys, timelimit of 30 mins (since i think lvl2 is cancer at the end) Since imagine tryharding lab v2 today (its played alot) zratio is 4 and 2 nade rebuys, lvl2 and lvl3 has no items, and lvl4 has no minigun and debuff, also tornado, cause solo item, who cares about rtv stage anyway lol Since after killing your mind after the lab maps, rest your mind in ze_MindTree_v1_6s :lenny: (actually that might kill your mind instead) Also pls 3pm gmt + 0 i've been waiting. nice meme
  2. Pasas1345

    Rocklee pls dont troll and not lead
  3. Pasas1345

    and thats a +1 to me, well written and a good person
  4. Pasas1345

    thats a +1
  5. Pasas1345

    First ZR event P O G (also pls explain why do you have to f*ck over asian times)
  6. Pasas1345

    Nice event time o-o (1 am here xd)
  7. Pasas1345

    aw 3pm plis cant do sh*t on 4
  8. Pasas1345

    hello there! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. Pasas1345

  10. Pasas1345

    The Pasas1345 Map Combo :lenny: ze_laboratory_escape_v2_3b ze_bowser_in_the_fire_sea_v1_remastered ze_decaying_forest Special Kickers: Laboratory: will be played with these settings { 1500 ammo (800 extreme), rebuys are 3x as expensive (if you can handle that), Fall Damage, 1 HE Grenade Rebuy. } Played for 1 hour Bowser: Skip Normal And Hard and ZM. Played for 50 minutes Decaying Forest: 1 hour to play normal. RTV 2 will be voted to be played, RTV 1 will be played 2 times. Hopefully the time can be 1pm gmt+0 (because)
  11. Pasas1345

    Why gris in sunday REEEEEEEEEeE
  12. Pasas1345

    +10 to the 99 power. good luck willy
  13. Pasas1345

    I have exams :yeet1:
  14. Pasas1345

    id say good luck
  15. Pasas1345