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  1. +1 from me ;D for my bro from another mother here. Btw we both managed to somehow manage nothai vuz he was once dropping the gate and speedbhopping the jurassic map :D, getting people killed
  2. and about the recording, can post it on youtube, i mean it's gonna be uploaded there anyway the gameplay
  3. dude i have a recording and on my admun application u were the first to comment within 4 minutes or so, ''pedo'' so pls shat ap
  4. and you were being incel, so to say a woman hater a lot, calling her whore, bitch, f*cking slut, god knows what else and didnt stop and foremostly were offending an admin, in that case me!
  5. dude paranoid u were hating on me since my admin application dood, so just pls, staaawwwwppp. and I do say nigga a lot, yes, but Im not racist, and I have black friends in real life
  6. woooow, I hope I'm online on the day, so I can participate, I love Resident Evil Saga!!!
  7. I just wanna say pretty quick and simply, thank you to all the people who are out there, watching my back ), I really appreciate it! : )
  8. First of all, I wanna say thanks to Sin for watching out for me and being a good friend! I literally forgot that I was a nosteamer one month and a half ago. That's how I got to know him too, my best buddy definetily out there. And thanks AHS for teaching me yesterday a lot about being an adming and the commands and stuff, he's a very good teach. Same goes for Mr. Frodo when only me and him were on 2 hours ago for like the rest of the night. Thanks a lot guys!
  9. Also I edited based on other people's comments and tips, trying to figure out where to find it and how to get it done. This is a new website to me and I need to find my way a bit, so sorry if it took so long to edit and complete the template!!! ><
  10. How?? What do you mean? Where do I see it? And I already asked Hobbitten if the application is good and he said its correct and good, that I now just need to wait 3-5 days for approval or denial
  11. i dont know, just learn a bit by myself I guess and from other admins. As I said i really want to be a part of your community and staff, and its my first time doing this and Sin said, a retired admin, that i needed to donate a bit as far as i can remember. And just because I'm gonna be a childcaretaker doesnt make me a pedo paranoid
  12. Hello ladies and gentlemen, khmkhmm My name's Raizel Lyfeld and I want to apply as a server admin on the ze server. I'm going to be doing an some sort of self reflection trial admin on myself for the next 2 months as a donated admin and watch myself and learn from the official admins and staff how to be a good admin. Why I'm doing this? Good question! :3 Because I fell in love with the community in Nide, how the community is, the staff, the servers, how everything goes. It is just exactly my style and matches me perfectly and I have a lot of fun always being on Nide. Nide was my first to add favourites server in my fav list on the Non-Steam CSS and when I bought CSS did it right away too and was happy that i got myself CSS on Steam and shared it with Sin, who is a retired admin now. I don't know what further to say about myself but my personal info and bio. I'm 19 years of age and will be next year 20. I live currently in Germany, my nationality is Bulgarian. I go by the name Valentin but all of the Nide community can go by calling me Val, my small name and so to say friends name to call me. Currently unemployed but will start working in September as a childcaretaker , the job is pretty easy and fun to be honest. New Edit* I hope I'm now fullfiling the template if I'm right about what I'm writing. 1. Valentin and I'm 19 years old and soon to be next year 20. 2. My Discord goes by TheHellsing#8973 3. My Steam ID is '''Steam: STEAM_O:1:601713243 4. I've been playing CSS for 8 Years. Even though its not on my account as info, started non steam at the age of 10. 5. My connection time is 16 h now yeah, but I played today a lot like maybe 5 hours or so or maybe more, hope its almost fullfiled. 6. Need to wait for approval from 3+ admins and + lead admins and I will wait. I accept that and I'm completely open to any decision you choose. 7. Well, I have some knowledge with the console on the CSS, but I''ll be honest, I've never been an admin or part of any staff although I do understand how the server worked. I bought myself admin for 2 months so I can train myself and get a bit in touch on how to be a good admin and do my job, so to say bought myself an internship on Nide for learning on how to be an admin and am doing it myself currently, learning, asked today the admins pretty much a lot stuff and learned also a lot. What is important for ME in the community, that everyone is nice, and friendly, that's why in the first place I wanted to apply as an admin and my first contact to talk about that was Sin, he was so supportive and that even pushed me more into it. That's why I like Sin too and we are friends, even though maybe he has some beef with Ruby, don't know what exactly there is between these two but i was there and held them in check not to do bad stuff even if I wasnt an official part of the staff 8. About my experience, like I said, none besides now the whole day being an donated admin and learning new stuff all the day, and trust me on this, I learn quick and a lot, and I today I learned a real lot from "Laith'' and ''AHS'' and ''Sin'' since he showed me where to find the commands and stuff. I'm shouting out to these guys for being real helpful and friendly and thanks for teaching me!!!. 9.I'm currently in Germany, my nationality is Bulgarian. I'm currently unemployed but will be working as a childcaretaker in Kindergarten as I said in September this year up and I can be often on now, when I start working, can be on for 4 hours a day or maybe even more. 10. Answer to the Question: "First of all if I notice someone using cheats, I'll go and spectate him for half an hour to make sure if he's cheating or not. If there is beef, I'll calm down the person who reported and tell him to leave it to me. I'll file this in my database as I will be myself doing a Notepad Database myself on whose cheating and been suspicious, like management stuff, like how people are working in companies, I'll be writing a management plan or so to say close to that. As I have written him down, I'll warn him to stop using cheats and collect evidence, make a video of him, his gameplay, and if he refuses, then I'm first going to kick him for half an hour, then if he continues, going to give him a 2nd chance, 1 hour kick, and if he still countinues, going to give him my last chance for forgiveness, 1 day ban, if he's back the next day, one week ban and of course with all my decisions doing, will be telling the staff too and informing them real time and writing in discord and on the website, in the forums of nide what's been happening. That's how I would take approach to this situation. About me I'm a 19 years old guy, name's Valentin. Next year will turn 20. My hobbies are Ping Pong, Parkour, Reading, Listening to Music, Gaming, Watching YouTube, Drawing and most of all, sleeping . I finished school 2 years ago and started working as a Chef to get a Chef Qualification, yeah, to be a good Chef, but where I was, I didn't like the environment, how they worked and I had to bust off my ass, because my boss had 2 restaurants and one of em with a motel. I was in the motel one. In his first there were a lot of personel and it was quite easy, the environment and atmosphere was nice and relaxing, no shouting and screaming, getting angry, depressed or sad, everyone was motivated there, but where I was there weren't a lot of personel, and it was completely the opposite of the first restaurant and I decided, that I'm not going to get mental and decided to quit, since they I've been doing internships in other companies and places, and I recently got a job in Kindergarten and will be a childcaretaker because I liked it and the kids liked me a lot, dunno why but I was pretty popular with the kids. I'm not living by myself, I'm in a some kind of a house with 6 other teenagers, girls and boys, between 15- 20 years of age and there are guardians to manage and help us with our lives and nope, we can't stay here forever, gotta leave sometime later in the future and that may be the case for me maybe in a year and half. I have no contact with my real parents, my dad is a f*cking bastard, don't want to talk about it, sorry, don't want to explain it to everyone, only to people who I know and trust a lot. He's never loved me and beat me a lot and controlled me, a f*cking maniac, that's everything I can say, the rest only to people who I will get to know or know. My mom left at the age of 2 and yeah, she never loved me to be honest as far as I know. I have a stepmom but she's okay, she's the best mom I can ever have I guess and no, I'm not living with her, she divorced my father, because my father's a bitch who only thinks about money and himself, and so on. I like to play a lot of games, but mostly CSS on Nide :). Everyone can look at the games I own on steam, on my profile. I'm Bulgarian but currently live in Germany, and I don't know if I will be staying here in Germany or not. I've been playing CSS since I was 9-10 years old, which means for like 10-11 years now, nosteam CSS of course, since I couldn't buy myself the game. About my character, I'm pretty much nice and funny to play with, I may talk a lot, I'll give you that, but I'll limit myself as soon somebody tells me that I don't need to spam or talk too much since its getting annoying for them. I can get pretty easily angry, but I won't do nothing more, won't ban or kick or mute people, nor do I hit anyone in real life, I'll mostly just swear at them, like everyone else does when they're angry and that's it. I'm pretty calm, unless somebody provokes me, I can be pretty naive too sometimes, but I'll never let that get to me in the game, since it can be fatal for being an admin. I can speak German, Russian a bit and I'm more on the side where I understand it, because I played before with Russians, was in a Russian clan and I spoke then Russian too, learned it from them but it has been 4-5 years since and I haven't spoken Russian a lot so I'm more on the understanding side, and Russian sounds a bit like Bulgarian language which makes it a bit more easy for me, since I'm Bulgarian, and I can foremostly speak English, English is like a mother language to me tbh, more than Bulgarian. I don't have a girlfriend and I'm single, don't know if that's important to know but still said it. My favorite dinner is Lasagne, just like Garfield . I listen to pretty much all genre of music, except for heavy metal, metal, rock, heavy rock or I dunno, anything of that genre, the language that is being used doesn't matter to me, as long it sounds nice If I don't understand the language. My favorite movies and series, hmm... I like Falling Skies, its a series, now am currently watching ''The Strain'', and movie, Pacific Rim, the first one. I hope this could help you understand me and get to know me better ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for reading my ''Application''. Have a nice day, With luv Raizel Lyfeld (Valentin)
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